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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Coxie, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. Coxie

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    I've been trying to understand what exactly my late Dad did during the Second World War. He joined in March 1941 and believe he was a Driver or Fitter. I can tell from his records some of his postings but I have no real details other than that.
    He was really reluctant to talk about his service days but he did say that he had to evacuate a plane over Belgium and travelled back to the UK with help from the local resistance. I've attached his service record and I also have a small number of photos somewhere of him in Belgium with a local group of people (I guess those who sheltered/shielded him). Apologies for being so vague. His record doesn't suggest to me any overseas posting (in fact it says 'Not to be posted') so cannot understand how/why he was up in a plane anyway!
    Surname COX. Number 1401491. He was released during June or August 1946 according to the records

    I'd love to find out more about what he did and would really like to explore further in Belgium - but I don't really know where to start. Are there any databases that might list any information that would be useful?

    Any help and advice from the experts on this site would be really appreciated


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  2. CL1

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    hello and welcome to the forum

    Can you post the photos
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  3. KevinBattle

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    Well, it says he volunteered for coal mining but he wasn't accepted - for some reason, therefore back to the military who needed every able bodied person to "do their bit". Anything about that you remember, any disability, claustrophobia etc?
    Come on, you can do better than surname Cox and Service Number - we're not the Gestapo - don't tell 'em Pike.

    Being vague doesn't help us when there is other information you hold, full name, when and where born, parents, wife etc, medals, photos rank, as otherwise to construct a possible background means spending time recreating the wheel.
    Is the Service Number correct at 7 digits or is there one number missing?
    The more you provide, the more we can/will help.
  4. snailer

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    Hi Coxie,

    I think you have posted enough info, there is no need to put your whole family history online for the answers to your questions.

    He looks to have been mostly working on aircraft of 56 and 25 Squadrons with their Servicing Echelons - 3056 SE and 6025 SE with postings to various Schools of Technical Training - S of TT to brush up on his skills.

    From what you have shown it looks as though he spent his RAF career in the UK.

    His service number relates to someone who enlisted in Penarth around March/April 1941 which checks out with the images you have posted.
  5. ted angus

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    The subject chap was an driver mechanical transport- that is quite clear from his documents, I see he served with 317 Supply & transport Column at that time sept 1944 the unit was forming at RAF Old Sarum which is on Salisbury Plain. The Unit subsequently moved to Europe where it supplied the sqns of 84 group .
  6. Tricky Dicky

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    When did this event happen -, which month/year ?

  7. Coxie

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    Hi Guys,
    Thank you all so very much for all your responses so far, they are really much appreciated.
    His name is Brin(ley) Cox and I did list the Service Number accurately.
    I know he suffered pneumonia badly as a child so that may have influenced how he served.
    He really didn't talk much about his war service but do recollect he mentioned Belgium and that he was helped to get home from there.
    Unfortunately I have no idea what year that was let alone the month/s.
    I cannot put my hand on the few photos I remember with him in Belgium with locals as they are in storage at the moment. I will post what I have as soon as I can get access to them.
    I've attached one single photo I do have to hand immediately. But again there is no indication of location or date.


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  8. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Did his marriage take place before or after the Belgium saga??

  9. Coxie

    Coxie Member

    I'm presuming before but cannot be certain. Marriage in '41
  10. KevinBattle

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    Sometimes family info CAN be of use -
    COX, CYRIL REGINALD. Sergeant. Service Number 1068160. Died 05/05/1942. Aged 33.
    9 Coast Regt. Royal Artillery
    Son of Charles Edward and Elizabeth Cox; husband of Lily Bertrude Cox, of Exeter.
    Epitaph: Husband of Lily Bertrude and loving father of Gerald Brinley
    Buried at KRANJI WAR CEMETERY. Plot 7. Row D. Grave 18.

    and help with marriage date
    Name: Brinley W Cox. Marriage Registration Date: 1942 - Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration district: Lewisham, London.
    Spouse: Eileen M Moakes. Volume Number 1d Page number 1807.
  11. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Sure its not this one

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Brinley Cox
    Registration Date: Oct-Nov-Dec 1941
    Registration district: Bedwellty
    Inferred County: Monmouthshire
    Spouse: Hilda N Chambers
    Volume Number: 11a
    Page Number: 225


    1939 England and Wales Register
    Name: Brinley Cox
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Single
    Birth Date: 25 Dec 1920
    Residence Year: 1939
    Address: 5
    Residence Place: Nantyglo and Blaina, Monmouthshire, Wales
    Occupation: Lorry driver, motor heary Worker
  12. KevinBattle

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    Must be, fits better, so over to you!
  13. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    I am awaiting some facts before moving further forward with this one

  14. Coxie

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    Thanks TD. That’s the one. Mums name Hilda.
    Unsure what else I know that would be useful.
  15. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Well the problem is that from the record and what his job was, its difficult to understand what he would have been doing In Belgium.

    If it was 1940 then he would either have escaped by boat with everyone else, been take prisoner of would have died, but then he didnt join up until March 1941 - so its not that.

    If it was after 1944 then he wouldnt need Belgian resistance help unless he was running ahead of the army which is highly unlikely, and he would have been released back to the Allies as there would be no need to 'boat' him across the channel, but you suspect the incident happened prior to his marriage.

    So he joined in March 1941 (post No 1) so after initial training etc etc he would he be available as a driver from say May 1941, he married uring the last quarter of 1941 and it seems the event did not happen after he was married, so it presumably happened betwwen May and October 1941.

    So its hard to understand why a driver would be aboard an aircraft over enemy territory, either going to or coming from a mission/operation, it is hit by AA fire, another aircraft (German) and the crew has to bale out [evacuate the plane is how you phrased it] or survive a crash landing in Belgium or has mechanical problems, he is then picked up by the resistance who help him to get back to England

    I hope you can see where we are coming from

  16. Coxie

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    Yes, you’ve been very helpful and now getting a better picture. From my earlier comment I thought the Belgian event would have been after the marriage.
    Ted's comment about 317 moving into Europe from Sept 44 may be relevant - but I still don’t know why he may have been up in a plane. If he had been moved into Europe wouldn’t that have been logged on his service recording?
  17. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Yes it would be recorded on his service record


    By Sept 1944 Belgium was being liberated - so again there would be no need for Belgian resistance to help him 'escape' and the Allies were in control of Brussels by 4 Sept 1944
  18. RAFCommands

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    No it would not be recorded in his service record.

    Form 543 records posting to formation not the movements of the formation.

    As 317 STC was formed in Sept 1944 it was formed into the Field Force and by this stage of the war this was clear in the supporting documents and not normally mentioned specifically on Form 543.

    The movements of the formation would be recorded in ORBs

    Generally in Group but in this case Column and subordinate signals unit.
    317 Supply and Transport Column (STC) | The National Archives

    Field Signals Unit: 317 Supply and Transport Column, formed at Old Sarum (UK) September... | The National Archives


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