help with grandfathers war recorded needed

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by PeterM, Aug 12, 2013.

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    I knew Tom Huggan quite well. He was a delightful RTR officer. He has since died.

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    That appears to be a satisfactory ending to the initial query..well done Forum
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    Here is some more of his service record. Again, I will be most grateful for more help with it.



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    I've had a look at the additional service record page and can't add much more than i've already told you.

    All i can think of is these point to the official form or correspondence (or filing system reference) that needed to be completed officially for any casualty to be processed. The chance of finding them i expect would be slim to none.

    Still think your best bet is concentrate on getting hold of the Missing Personnel File


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    My grandfather's war service record (see attachment) is not easy to follow. I now know what most of it means but I have two queries relating to one page of it.

    1) R N L J S is an abbreviation for what? - Royal Navy....???

    2) What does No1 IRTD mean and where was it?
    Two possibilities I have is No1 Infantry Recruit Training Depot either south of Naples, Italy or in Geneifa, Egypt.

    All thoughts and opinions are welcome.

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    RNLJS is just a draft code.
    Have a forum search for "draft code" plenty of references to others.

    If you also search on forum for "IRTD"

    Infantry Reinforcement Training Depot (IRTD)
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    You know, I assume, that the sheet you've uploaded is the abbreviated version of his full record.

    Army Form B-103 ("Service and Casualty form") will provide more details, if you have it.
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    Also see earlier post where "Statement of Services" form has been uploaded:
    help with grandfathers war recorded needed

    Information on X lists here:
    X lists (Service Records)

    Think that he was first reported 'missing believe wounded' on casualty list 1369 dated 15 February 1944 and then reported 'KIA' on list 1439 dated 6 May 1944.
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    Merged your lastest thread with your one from 2013 .
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