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  1. I'm currently working on my Uncles family tree and we have come across a picture of a unknown relative in uniform.
    Can anyone tell me his regiment and the approximate date of the picture. This will help me to identify who it is.

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  2. KevinBattle

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    Hello and welcome - well, it's a British Army WW2 uniform, so hopefully that rules out any Overseas relatives!
    He is showing the two chevrons of a Corporal, so a few years under his belt.
    Can't make out the insignia above the chevrons, but more Expert Pals here may be able to deduce more.
    Can't see any sign of a lanyard or other helpful clues.
    Is it possible to get a higher resolution, and perhaps a bit lighter, shot of the arm?

    Does that get you any closer to an identity?
  3. Thank you for the reply.
    On the back of the picture is written Felix O'Neill, however, it cant be the Felix we have on the tree as he is c1954. We are thinking it may be his Grandson as Felix was used as a middle name through the line.
    Is this pic any better?

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  4. gmyles

    gmyles Senior Member

    Could this be it?

    Crossed Hammer and Pincers.

    Worn by Artificers.

    This could be RAOC or REME

    REME was formed in 1st October 1942, so if this chap is REME then the photo dates from after that date.

    I am not sure if the RAOC had artificers after the introdutcion of REME.

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  5. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    The photos are still incredibly tiny. Is it possible to scan it at high resolution ? Even a photo of the photo might help.

    He is wearing a slip-on title on his shoulder tab but unfortunately it has moved up a bit. Can you zoom in on that area ? It may be possible to read it.
  6. Thanks
    It does look very much like it.Ill try and get a better pic but I don’t have the original.
  7. Tony56

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    If you post your uncle's name, dob, area of the country plus any other information you have, he may come up in records that forum members have access to. Did he survive the war?
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  8. This is a picture of an unknown member of the family. The picture was given to my uncle in a collection of family photos.
    The name on the back of the photo was Felix O’Neill but I don’t think the Christian name is correct.
    He would have been from the West End of Newcastle.
  9. Tony56

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    Perhaps knowing one may lead to the other.
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  10. gmyles

    gmyles Senior Member

    Could this be him?

    First name(s) FELIX
    Last name O'NEILL
    Birth year 1919
    Birth quarter 3
    Registration month -
    Mother's maiden name Laidler
    District Newcastle upon Tyne
    County Northumberland
    Country England

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  11. Its a distinct possibility.
    The O'Neill line I'm going down his father could be:
    Charles c1877
    Thomas c1879 (Wife Isabella)
    John Edward c1883

    I need to work on finding who the wives are.
  12. harkness

    harkness Well-Known Member

    Marriages Sep 1917
    O'Neill, John E - Laidler - Castle W. 10b 647
    Laidler, Sarah J - O'Neill - Castle W. 10b 647

    O'Neill, Felix - Leidler [sic] - Newcastle T.- Sep 1919
    O'Neill, Kate L - Laidler - Newcastle T.- Jun 1921
    O'Neill, John E - Laidler - Newcastle T. - Sep 1923
    O'Neill, Margaret - Laidler - Newcastle T. - Sep 1925
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  13. Tony56

    Tony56 Member Patron

    So we can be clear is it possible for you to give a brief family tree with what you know for certain?

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  14. Felix O'Neill married Julia Segrave April 1875
    Edward (My Uncles Grand father)
    John Edward ( Looks like you have found his wife)

    From what you have kindly found it looks like John Edward Married Sarah Laidler and their eldest child is the Felix in the picture.

    I'm going to see my Uncle this weekend. It may spark some memory so we can confirm this.
  15. Where did you find this. I use Ancestry and it did not come up.
  16. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    This chap was aged 42 and with the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps.


    Bearing in mind that battledress wasn't much available before 1939, I don't think that it is him in the photo which shows a younger man.
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  17. Tony56

    Tony56 Member Patron

    Darren, Dumb question time as I'm afraid this is confusing me.
    In the 1901 census:
    Felix O'Neill - 46
    Julia O'Neill - 45
    Charles O'Neill - 24
    Thomas O'Neill - 22
    Mary Ann O'Neill - 20
    John Edward O'Neill - 17
    Margaret Ellen O'Neill - 15
    Bridget O'Neill - 12
    Julia O'Neill - 8

    In the 1911 Census
    Felix Oneill - 57
    Julia Oneill - 56
    Charles Oneill - 34
    Thomas Oneill - 32
    Mary Ann Oneill - 30
    John Eward Oneill - 27
    Bridgie Oneill - 21
    Julia Oneill - 18

    Where is Edward, when was he born? Are you sure that Edward and John Edward aren't one and the same? The 1911 also states 6 children! If you add in Edward in 1901 that makes 8. I cannot find birth details for Charles or Thomas - what are the details?

    ps Marriage of John E:
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  18. Sorry my daft mistake. I should have put:

    Mary Anne married Edward O'Hara (My Uncles Grand father)

    Thats what happens when you do stuff on your phone at work !!

    You have the correct family. From the great info in the post we now think that John Edward married Sarah Laidler and their eldest son is the Felix in the picture.
  19. I agree he would be too old to be the Felix in the picture.
    He is from the right part of Newcastle, not to far from Lemington, he may be related in some way.
  20. harkness

    harkness Well-Known Member

    FreeBMD - worth its weight in gold:

    FreeBMD - Search

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