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    I am currently doing some research into some members of the 254th Indian Tank Brigade and have hit a brick wall with some abbreviations. Does anyone know what the following are?

    The first is a unit that a Corporal served with. 400 I.S.S. Royal Tank Regiment.

    The second is a rank of a soldier in a Tank Transporter Coy. M.S.S. I am thinking along the lines of Mechanic Staff Sergeant.

    Your help would be appreciated.
  2. Rothy

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    There was an (independent) squadron of Grant "Scorpion" flail tanks accompanied the 254th Indian Tank Brigade in Burma 1945. This was 400 Scorpion Squadron, sometimes referred to as 400 Independent Scorpion Squadron.

    It was equipped with four Grant "Scorpions" and one Valentine, the latter a "Porcupine" mine roller named Aurora according to David Fletcher (Sherman Crab Flail Tank (Osprey)).


    p.s. I have parts of the Brigade war diary WO 172/7142 and the Operations Report WO 203/1909
  3. High Wood

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    No 1 Steve,

    many thanks, that is a unit that I have never heard of before and I thank you for the information.

    p.s., I would very much like a copy of the Brigade War Diary and the Operations Report if you could please send them over.

    Best wishes,

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    JITTER PARTY Well-Known Member

    I think it should be Mechanist Staff Serjeant.
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  5. High Wood

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    Thank you for the update.
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    Yes and confirmed by Royal Engineer Ranks

  7. High Wood

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    thank you for posting the link.


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