Help -what happened at Halfaya Sollum 9th Dec 1940

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    I am curious as I was looking through CWGC records for deaths on 9th December 1940 I came across about a dozen soldiers or so mainly from Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and Royal Fusiliers. Buried at Halfaya Sollum war cemetery. Did something happen that day? Excuse my ignorance but I am more of a personal interests person so I don't know much about what went on where.
    Thanks for any info
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    On 7th of December 1940 Britain launched Operation Compass an offensive that smashed the Italian Army in N Africa and allowed British forces to take Benghazi by early February 1941. The initial impact was on 9th December and in three days 40,000 soldiers and 400 artillery pieces were captured. Further success followed. Italian prisoners were recorded by the acreage so large was their number. However even the most successful offensive is rarely without losses.
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    Wow thank you Robert that was quick!:cheers:
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    2nd Camerons first major operation came on 9th December 1940, when it took part in the attack on Nibeiwa Camp, and the capture of Sidi Barrani the next day. General O'Connors 2 Divisions destroyed an army 5 times their own strength and achieved the first British victory of the war.
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    Thanks for that too, you lot are amazing!
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    Just one last question what would it have been like out there, conditions, weather for the men etc?
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    Contemporary accounts suggest that visibility was poor at times due to the wind whipping up dust storms
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    Thanks once again!
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    Bloomin' cold .
    Bryan Perrett's book 'Wavell's Offensive' is full of IWM photos of the chaps all wrapped up in greatcoats, scarfs , woollen hats etc.
    Wavell's Offensive by Bryan Perrett - First Edition - 1979 - from YesterYear Books (SKU: 048801)

    I have the 4th Indian Division history if you want to know more.
    See also . Operation Compass - Wikipedia

    Have a forum search for 'Nibeiwa', a few threads crop up.
    I posted this awhile back.

    2 Camerons , part of 4th Indian Division at Nibeiwa , near Sidi Barrani.

    The Infantry tumbled out and raced in hotfoot with the bayonet ; above the noise of battle shrilled the skirl of the pipes as the gravely pacing pipers played in the charge.
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