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    Hopefully I can enlist some help. I am tracking down a few missing details of WW2 servoce of my late father, Leonard Joseph WEBB. RNZAF 425713. Attached is a copy of his service record.

    Having arrived in Scotland on 24.11.43 [the Queen Mary] he seems to have been at No 12 Personnel Reception Centre until 8.2.44 and then at 5 Personnel despatch Centre until he left on 19/2 for 490 Squadron in West Africa [RAF Jui]
    Where would have 12 PRC and 5 PDC been based?

    How can I find out how he travelled from England out to RAF Jui?

    Seems strange but in his flying log there are no recorded hours from the time he left Canada until he got out to West Africa - about 5 months. Can that be put down to an influx of pilots trained in Canada but not yet "war ready" ?

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    May I suggest you look on the Convoyweb Web site it will help you with the
    movement to South Africa

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