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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by micheale, Sep 6, 2021.

  1. micheale

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    Hello everyone,

    I was recently given all of these documents from a family member relating to my grandfather, speaking to my mum and family friends I understand my grandad was stationed in Hong Kong, Pakistan and India but they all specifically mention his time in Burma where he was stabbed in the leg with a bayonet. Looking at the service records I cannot see any mention of Burma but then I am really struggling to understand a lot of the handwriting and abbreviations on the documents I have uploaded.

    I can see that he was transferred around units a fair bit and reached the rank of WO2 according to his discharge paperwork.

    Understandably, my grandad never spoke about the war and now my mum is really interested to learn more about his time overseas, if anyone could help us understand the documents more I would be so grateful.

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  2. Blutto

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    I cannot see any specific mention of Burma either. The only hospitalization was in March 1946.
  3. micheale

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    It’s tough to try and make sense of the records, it doesn’t help that my grandad refused all medals up until his death in the 90s so it is harder for us to know where he was or what he was entitled to.

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