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    I have been asked by a friend to help confirm a family story about a Ghurka Kukri that his late father brought back from his WW2 service in India/Burma.

    Hoping that the markings on it will maybe help confirm it's possible that as the story goes it was given to him by a Ghurka soldier whose life he saved.

    His father served as a Ground Mechanic/Maintenance Engineer in 67 Squadron RAF, which I have read was in India/Burma theatre for the whole of the Burma campaign. Not sure when he arrived in India, but in his diary he records that he was there by Feb 1944 when the squadron received their Spitfires & in March 1944 he had a four hour flight in a Liberator. He was hospitalised in Ceylon with Dysentery at some point & also suffered with other tropical diseases. It is not known wether he performed any role other than maintenance, such as medical evac flights, load handling etc.

    I have advised my friend of the book 67 Squadron by Jesse Russell & Ronald Cohn, and Wings over Burma 67 Squadron By Thomas Helsdon.

    The length of the Kukri blade is 12 inches long , and handle is 4 inches long. The belt loop is wide enough for an army webbing belt. There are no markings on the blade, but I read the markings on the back of the leather holder as:

    40 (upside down)


    Kukri 1.jpg Kukri 2.jpg Kukri 4.JPG
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    Beautiful piece!
    If the blade is not stamped, it is likely to have been privately sourced.
    However, the scabbard bears a strong resemblance to one from WW1:
    WW1 Kukri
    scroll down
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    Sorry to say I never believe the "saved his life" scenario
    Could he have purchased whilst in Burma or even after the war.
    Try the Home - The Gurkha Museum - Winchester and tell them the story

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