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Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by Ben Lonrusten, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Ben Lonrusten

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    Im reseaching Armstrong Whitley crash of N1421 near Sylling Norway 30 April 1940. I need help to find the full names of 3 of the crew. They bailed out and survived the crash together with F/O Keneth Hugh Pelly Murphy- I have everthing I need on him but nothing on:

    Sgt. C. Warner RAFVR 566223 - POW no: 13098
    Sgt. J. F. Graham RAFVR 580904 - POW no: 13112
    Cpl. D. Magee RAFVR 548828 - POW no: 13065

    LAC John Ellwood was killed in the crash- I have the most on him.

    Attached link is to a picture taken by a German soldier at Fornebu aerodrome May 2. 1940. The men in the cars on the picture are supposed to be crew from the Armstrong+ F/Lt M Wilson-Donaldson and F/lt or P/O Middleton from Hampden crash in the south of Norway.

    Fornebu (1756)
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  2. CL1

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  3. HA96

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    Can any member from UK investigate on the 3 POW numbers, or do you want me to check with my resouces in Germany?
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  4. Tricky Dicky

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    You need someone who has a deeper access to service info as the POW info available still only provides an initial - for example:
    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: C Warner
    Rank: Warrant Officer
    Army Number: 566223
    Regiment: Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks
    POW Number: 13098
    Camp Type: Stalag Luft 6
    Camp Number: L6
    Camp Location: Heydekrug, Lithuania
    Section: Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks

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  5. alieneyes

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  6. Ben Lonrusten

    Ben Lonrusten Member

    Hmmm, full names seems to be a nut to crack ;). Thanks for your help so far. I will get there ;)
  7. snailer

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    I'll save you a bit of time:-
    Cyril Warner, John Frederick Graham, David Magee.
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  8. Ben Lonrusten

    Ben Lonrusten Member

    Thank you so much! You saved the day ;). Thanks to you all- great forum I must say.
  9. Mr Jinks

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    I saw this ;-

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  10. Margaret Semple

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    I am related to Cyril Warner, he was my father's cousin. I have been contacted via my ancestry account as I have him on my family tree, with reference to your search. I was intrigued as to what this was about. So googled and found this site. I have no contact with his immediate family but I know the names of his children and their spouses from official records on Ancestry. I can confirm that he was shot down over Norway in 1940 and my father said he was a POW throughout the war. I have the same information regarding his Army and POW details as given in a previous post. Cyril was born in 1916 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. His mother Grace Fletcher was one of my Grandfather's sisters. Cyril died in 1975.

    The last known location of the families was in Kent, I do not know if they are still there. I have spoken to my uncle who is a first cousin of Cyril and in his nineties, and he remembers that Cyril's parents moved to Margate in Kent after WW2. I also contacted a second cousin who had much the same information as me and she thinks Cyril's daughter may have had a daughter herself, but nothing else known about his son. I have contacted a local newspaper to see if they would put something in the newspaper to see if they can be found.

    You are probably not aware that his brother James Herbert Warner was a member of the 617 squadron Dambusters raid. He was navigator but sadly his plane was shot down on the way there off the coast of Holland, and he lost his life. No descendants from him therefore.

    Happy to keep digging.

    Margaret Semple (nee Fletcher)
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  11. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Hi Margaret

    Welcome - thanks for the info

  12. Ben Lonrusten

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    Hi Margaret!
    Great news. Im trying to get the hole story together and to get a picture of all the boys as their name will be on the memorial colum. Because I have worked for a long time to "wipe the dust" of this closed book, and bring the story back into the light, I would like to write a book to honor these brave boys. I just got my hands on some diaries from the time the boys spent in prisonment and hope to find something there. I would love to keep digging with you.

    Ben Lonrusten
  13. Margaret Semple

    Margaret Semple New Member

    Wow that sounds great. I have found a possible name for his granddaughter on Ancestry, and a possible marriage for her. I will keep trying. I am sure the family would like to know about this.

  14. Ben Lonrusten

    Ben Lonrusten Member

    Super! We are unveiling a memorial where the plane crashed on June 10. I will send you an invitation and you can send it out to familiy in case any body want to come and get the full story as far as I/we know it. Here is my e-mail adress in case you will contact me via that. I have picture and a lot of stuff you might find interesting. benloe (at)

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    Can I suggest you change the @ symbol in your email address above to 'at' - there are many bots that search forum sites for information such as email address's - just keeping you safer

  16. Ben Lonrusten

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    Thanks ;)
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    Any suggestions how I do that on this forum?
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    Go to your post and select edit - then delete your email address and replace with benloe at

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    Hmm, canĀ“t find any edit!
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    Its at the bottom of your post, there will be your username, how long ago you posted then the words Edit Report

    select the word Edit

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