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  1. Hello. I am trying to find out any information i can regarding my grandfather Robert Yare. As a family we have only a hand full of photographs and unfortunately very little information. As far as i know he was a cook in the Royal Navy, my mother has told me that unfortunately that is as much as she knows as he never spoke about his war years.

    I posted on the Navy section of the forum and was given some very useful information regarding ships etc.. and I am just about to apply for his service record.

    I am however slightly confused and hope someone may be able to help me. We have very few photographs of his war years but most are of him in various states of dress in navy uniform. However one photo shows him wearing a beret which as far as I’m aware is only army uniform. I know it’s a long shot but would anyone with vastly superior knowledge of uniforms recognise the cap badge or belts, trousers etc...? The photo has Lyemun Barack’s Shuaki Wan in Hong Kong written on the back.
    I would appreciate any kind of advice, opinion or guidance that anyone could give me.


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    They are Royal Artillery and from the berets post-war.
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    I agree with the Royal Artillery. As it's Hong Kong, I suggest you check out and join the Gwulo Forum based in Hong Kong - it's easy, free and the people are extremely helpful and friendly, just like here really!
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  5. Thank you very much for the information Staffsyeoman & SPD, really appreciate all your help. I’m more intrigued than ever now, why would he go from being in the navy during the war to army post war albeit by my calculation he must have come back home around August 1946 as my mother was born April 1947.

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