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Discussion in 'General' started by Michele Reid, May 30, 2018.

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    Hi All, I am new to this forum so please forgive any blunders. My father WOll L N Northover a New Zealander in WW2, Egypt, Africa, Greece, Italy, with Middle East Special Operations, 62 Middle East Force and S.O.E. 1940-1945. He was alone in Greek mountains for approx 2.5 years before he joined up with British Forces and Major Pat Wingate. I am trying to find any information about his time in Greece and especially any debrief/report he may have done about his time there. He passed away in 1981 and never told us anything about his experiences. Any help will be great, thank you.
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    A quick search of gave this result:

    The above was a footnote (2) for information in this paragraph:

    II: Escapers in Greece | NZETC

    So he escaped travelling from Corinth.
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    Thank you for this. Would you have any idea if soldiers did a debrief at any stage during or after the war? If so where would these likely be kept? Dad signed something to say he would never talk of what he did during his time in the war but I don't know where he did this.
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    The soldiers would have completed some sort of debrief. I would suggest looking at The National Archives UK and the NZ National Archives. If you don't already have your father's service records they may also help, information about getting these is available here: War - Archives New Zealand. Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga.

    I just conducted a quick search on the UK Archives site, and a number of records came up: Search results: British Military Mission Greece | The National Archives. I realise you live in NZ, there are a number of people, if you can locate a relevant file, on this forum who can assist you with research, including PsyWar.Org and Drew5233.

    Other members, I am sure may be along who can provide you with more information about the Military Mission and possible your father.

    I hope the little I have provided helps.

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  5. PsyWar.Org

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    Thank you Mark, that is a big help.
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    No. 31763 Sergeant Louis Neil Northover, New Zealand Military Forces.

    SOE FORCE 133 – Field Personnel – Company Sergeant Major (CSM)

    MM - Posted London Gazette 04/01/45. Available online at National Archives at WO 373/46/205. (will cost £3.50 to download)

    I found him in a list of 79 personnel from Force 133 who were recommended for a Greek Medal/Award in October 1945 (Case no 114) however I can’t find any other reference to it. There was a major reduction in Greek awards awarded and I can only assume that he was caught up in it.

    Successful British evaders were debriefed by MI-9 upon returning to London. There was a MI-9 detachment in Greece in 1944 under the pseudonym Inter Services Liaison Department (ISLD).

    Hope this helps

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    Wow thank you, that is awesome. I will follow that lead and hopefully find something. I'll let you all know.
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    no 2525 on this document

    and here;-

    Louis Neill Northover

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    The Military Medal Recommendation:


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    Thank you all for your helpful information and leads.

    I have established that my father was in Italy when he did his debrief. He was reported safe in Italy 05/08/44 and recommended for MM by Major-General WAM Stawell 19/08/44. This means he did his debrief at this time.

    Does anyone know where in Italy this could have taken place and where the records may now be?
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    These would more than likely be at The National Archives PsyWar.Org, I think, gave some possibilities in his post above.

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    Whereabouts in Italy?

    If there's no indication in the National Archives files it might help to know when certain key centres were liberated - Florence on 11 August, to the west Livorno (Leghorn) on 19 July but nearby Pisa not until 2 September. Hence, probably just to the south of the Pisa-Rimini Line.

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    Thank you I hadn't thought of that. All his service records in NZ say is "Reported safe in Italy" and even that was a cable sent to his mother. I will be sending away for those archives PsyWar.Org has referred me to so fingers crossed they tell me something. In the meantime I will also follow your lead as search for reference to any base camp (if that's the correct terminology) in that area. I was also going to send for Stawell's service records as that will tell me where he was at that given time.
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    Michelle, The prices at the National Archives can be quite exorbitant. Once you have obtained a quote from them consider using either PsyWar.Org or Drew5233 to make copies for you, they provide a reasonably priced service. I have used both of their sevices and they were excellent.

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    Yes I am considering this. I have suggested also this to my brother as I feel I could keep ordering files and get nowhere.
  17. Michele Reid

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    What information do they need and do they just do all the research and copying for you or do I have to give them file numbers?
  18. PsyWar.Org

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    Michele, I just digitally photograph files for 9 pence per page (minimum charge of £4.50 per file).

    Have more details pn my website here ARCRE - Frequently Asked Questions -

    The National Archives will charge well over a £1.00 per page.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Lee, thank you for this. I will take your help please. What information dk you need? Or should I be going through your website?
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    Go through Lee’s website; you will find search tools and other tips.
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