HELP - Riddle of RA Glider Officer Killed D-DAY

Discussion in 'Airborne' started by welshmedals, Jun 3, 2012.

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    I know the book you refer to: "Zone cotière interdite". When the author (a friend of mine) wrote the book we exchanged quite a lot about John MACHIN, but the conclusion in the book are not correct.
    Since, the missing personnel files at the National Archives in London confirms Gnr John Machin being a passenger in Horsa CN99. The only Survivor of Horsa CN99, Bdr G.R. LEATHERBARROW gives a detailed account in which he describes what happened after the glider ditched in the sea. Gnr Machin was one of the men who later drowned and later his body found at Villers sur Mer.
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    I didn't know this book. I had the text by the town of Villers-sur-Mer. For them, the official story of Machin is to landed in Les Meurdries area at Villers-sur-Mer. I read the account of Leatherbarrow first, it's for that I was surprised to read the story of Villers. Thanks for your help all!

    I found this location with the reference 282825:

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    I used the French Lambert Zone 1 grid and box "vU" in the Coordinate Translator. It's the only combination that gave results close to Villers-sur-Mer for me. These map references are not always accurate, but it is curious it gave a location on the beach.

    Le traducteur de coordonnées - Résultat de conversion.jpg

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    Photos of a wartime map.



    Map 1.jpg Map  2  Caen Falaise  7F (24)  ed.jpg
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    The graves of the Chalk No 99 crew.

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