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    Hi everyone

    As some of you may already know, for the past two years I have been researching on the 8th Indian Division in the battle of Sangro and beyond (Italy -1943) with an eye to a possible publication in the next future.
    I have recently been to the National Archives of London for the war diaries of the various units that fought there: in particular 5° Essex, 3/8° Punjab, 6/13° RFFR, 1 Royal Fusilier, 1/12° FFR, 1/5° Gurkha, 5 Royal West Kent, 3/15° Punjab, 1/5° Mahratta, but also Field Regiments and Field Company.

    Now it would be very useful and precious for me to get in touch with any relative of the soldiers that would like sharing informations or their accounts on those days. I would be very grateful if any of you who are in contact with these people would like to help me in this research by telling me possible contacts.

    You can also contact me in private for any other detail.

    Thank you in advance for the help you can give me.

    (Milan - Italy)
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    Good luck with your book....

    My father's battalion, 2nd Bn London Irish Rifles came through on 30th Nov 1943 and witnessed some of the aftermath of 8 Indian Division's rebuff at Mozzagrogna and remembered:
    "Closely following E Company, I travelled along the road from Mozzagrona soon after the attack had been completed. I saw the preparation of funeral ghats for the many Indian dead, casualties in the attack. I continued into Fossacesia and arrived just as the company moved a piano into the street. One of the lads was playing it.
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    There are quite a few references to 8th Indian Division in the intelligence reports contained in WO169 9405B 1 AGRA July to December 1943. Might be useful as a supplement to any individual unit diaries.
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    Thanks Hutt.
    I have it. The point is to find the time to read all the diaries :)
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    Hi. No problem and would have been happy to share it if needed. Good luck with the research. Agree there is a hell of a lot in it!
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    Will u pls let me know how to get in touch with u.
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    Welcome aboard. Go to your profile top right, select Conversations and insert IKE26 as recipient. Quite easy.
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