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    I'm researching some family links and am interested too.
  2. I'm looking for a copy of the Flight Log that is referenced in the 501 Squadron history for their role in the Battle of France. There are references to "This unique and most precious, hand-written log was compiled by the SNCO B Flight and records Date, Aircraft, Times, etc." which covers 501 Squadron's activities in the Battle of France.

    Does anyone know where a copy of this flight log might actually exist?
  3. Hello there:

    Would you happen to know the crash site of P/O A. J. Claydon's in your area? There were two RAF fighter pilots lost on 5-June-1940: P/O A. J. Claydon and P/O J. A. Shepherd (No. 1 Squadron). Both pilots were laid to rest in the St. Sever Cemetery in Rouen. I'm trying to locate the crash sites for both pilots.
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    Hello ,
    From both AIR81s Claydon and Shepherd were buried on 6 June at the St Sever cemetary , which is quite a short time just after the crashes . Alas even on local archives no information were ever found about the crash sites which should be very close to Rouen .
    About Shepherd : years ago we hade dug an unidentified Hurricane at Douvrend near Dieppe . Witness recalled the RAF pilot ( described as a canadian ) bailing out ok and then sent to Rouen , time was late May - early June 1940 . Shepherd could be a very strong guess , as we know now he bailed out ok on 1st June ( not in the ORB ! ) . Hurricane serial is unknown .
    About Claydon lost in late afternoon : oddly a french pilot , Lt Henri Dietrich of GCII/10 , flying Bloch 152 , claimed a Me109 south Rouen ( after claiming 2 He111s the same day ) . No Me109 were lost in that area that day . Both units , 1 Squadron and GCII/10 were then based at Rouen Boos . A case of friendly fire ?

    If ever you hear from relatives of John Shepherd and Anthony Claydon I'm certainly interested .
  5. Hello there,

    Thank-you for your posting on Claydon and Shepherd! Their AIR 81 Casualty files do not provide specifics on the location of where their bodies were recovered from.

    I would be interested to learn more about the unidentified Hurricane that was dug up at Douvrend - do you know where the aircraft remains now reside?

    In regards to P/O John Adamson Shepherd, I've been corresponding with his relatives in an effort to piece together his biography and military service. The crash site on June 1st and also on June 5th were areas where I was hoping to learn more about. Should you wish to learn more about his biography, please let me know and I would gladly share what I have with you.

    In Claydon's AIR 81 Casualty file Sgt A.O. Lewis is also mentioned. Its unclear as to why Lewis would have been in Claydon's Casualty file, except for the the close timeframe in which they both went MIA. When searching for information on Lewis there is a reference to 501 Squadron's B Flight log which was handwritten. Would you happen to know where such a document might exist?

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    Not the best scan of this article. Victoria Times - Colonist 8 June 1940 pg 13.



    john adamson shepherd times colonist 8 june 1940 pg 13.png

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