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    As a Great War type of guy, I am not too familiar with the methods used to identify servicemen from the period of the Second World War. I am researching the men named on the BICC Memorial in Prescot, Lancashire and have picked up the names from the Second World War plaque, some 73 of them.

    I have identified 60 of these, but the following 13 are proving elusive, with lots of options on CWGC.

    Consequently, I would be grateful for any help in identifying any of these men. They all worked at BICC in Prescot so would have lived within a few miles of the town, perhaps in areas such as Liverpool, Huyton, St Helens, etc.



    R Attwood
    J Battersby
    E Brooks
    J Cathcart
    J F Davies
    R B J Edwards
    J Galloway
    J Greaves
    A H Henry
    L Parr
    W Ralphs
    J H Riley
    C Webster
  2. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    Ref R Attwood:
    Looking at CWGC details the other two chaps next of kin come from London so I would be confident it's this chap.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details and he's buried in Wales.

    J. Cathcart:
    CWGC :: Casualty Details the other two are from Middlesex and Glasgow

    J H Riley:
    There is only one- CWGC :: Casualty Results

    Have you tried the local council, libary or historic group-They may have a year of death etc that wasn't added to the memorial that will help to pinpoint your men more accurately.

  3. Stephen Nulty

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    Cheers for that Andy.

    I have toyed with the "process of elimination" route to identify these men, and it looks like it might be the best way to go.

    Is there any Second World War equivalent of "Soldiers Died in the Great War" which might help to identify the origins of those chaps whose CWGC entry have no personal details?

    Or is CWGC the only generally used source for casualty information?

    I will be visiting National Museums Liverpool in a week or two and might get access to some documents from BICC at the time, so I'm hopeful that these might fill in the blanks.
  4. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    I'm no expert-Far from it I'm affraid. Maybe someone else maybe able to help and steer you in the right direction but I've only ever used CWGC as a resource to those that died.

    I had a similiar problem a while back on a memorial in Lewisham and will eventually go down the Local Library route when I get time. The council don't know the info - Which is nothing new really :D

  5. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Hi Stephen,
    I have the disc for Army WW2 RoH [gives PoB and PoRes.]. Little busy at the moment, but will check if for you later, if no-one else comes up with a quicker response.
  6. Paul Reed

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  7. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Just some to be going on with, I have listed either exact results and some variations. As far as possible rather than me making a call, I have listed all of the results for you to whittle down yourself. In some cases, there will be too many for me to list.
    Rest will be completed later.


    R Attwood
    10532269 Reginald Attwood, RAOC, born Newport, Residence Monmouthshire, died 08/11/43, Theatre UK
    6017486 Richard Attwood, Essex Regt, born London E, Residence Essex, died, 11/06/44, Theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    4627381 Ronald Attwood, Duke of Wellington's Regt (West Riding), born London, Residence London, died 02/02/44, Theatre Italy
    931997 George RC Atwood, born London SW, Residence Wiltshire, died 25/10/1941, theater UK

    J Battersby
    2084902 Jack Battersby, Glider Pilot Regt, Regt at 1/9/39 RE, born Warrington, residence Warrington, died 03/03/1945, theatre Italy
    2723424 Guardsman James Battersby, Irish Guards, born St Helens, residence St Helens, died 22/02/44, theatre, Italy
    3137720 James Battersby, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, born Yorkshire, residence Yorkshire, died 13/01/1943, theatre North Africa
    3781371 James Battersby, RAC, born Lancs, residence Lancs, died 09/03/1946, theatre UK
    1717877 Joseph Battersby, born Lancs, residence St Helens, died 01/03/45, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    1835108 William J Battersby, born Stockport, Residence Derbyshire, died 21/05/1943, theatre Netherlands East Indies

    J Cathcart
    1772784 James Cathcart, Royal Artillery, born Lancs, Residence Lancs, Died 14/09/1942, Theatre Malaya
    2355076 James Cathcart, Royal Corps of Signals, born Glasgow, residence Glasgow, died 27/04/44, theatre India
    137293 John Cathcart, Durham Light Infantry, born Durham, Residence Essex, died 14/06/1942, theatre Middle East

    J F Davies
    913464 John Davies, Royal Artillery, Regt at 1/9/39 RA, born Liverpool, residence Liverpool, died Nov 1942, Theatre Middle East
    1880046 John Davies, Royal Engineers, born Herefordshire, Residence Brighton, died 09/06/1941, theatre UK
    3247309 Joseph Davies, Royal Artillery, born Liverpool, residence Liverpool, died 16/06/1942, Theatre UK
    1467936 Joseph Davies, South Lancs Regt (Prince of Wales' Volunteers), born Hereford, residence Somerset, died 14/10/1944, Western Europe Campaign 44/45

    R B J Edwards
    2718368 Robert B Edwards, Irish Guards, born Cheshire, Residence Cheshire, born 30/04/1943, theatre North Africa
    7663777 Raymond Edwards, 4TH/7TH Royal Dragoon Guards, RAC, born Manchester, Residence, Manchester, died 23/09/44, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    4031550 Rees Edwards, Durham Light Infantry, born Swansea, Residence Swansea, died 11/08/44, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    1910075 Reginald Edwards, Royal Engineers, born Denbighshire, Residence Kent, died 02/08/43, theatre UK
    2736681 Reginald Edwards, Welsh Guards, born Denbighshire, Residence Surrey, died 01/06/44, theatre Italy
    10534032 Richard Edwards, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, born Preston, residence Preston, died 30/04/1941, theatre UK
    114834 Richmond Edwards, Royal Army Medical Corps, born Radnorshire, Residence Buckinghamshire, died 26/11/43, Theatre At Sea
    925407 Robert Edwards, RA, Regt at 1/9/39 RA, Born Caernarvonshire, Residence Caernarvonshire, died 28/05/1940, theatere, France and Belgium 39/40
    1716153 Robert Edwards, RA, Born Liverpool, Residence Liverpool, died 06/06/1944, theatre Italy
    2141024 Robert Edwards, RE, Born London SE, Residence London SE, Died 29/11/1943, Theatre Italy
    2987628 Robert Edwards, DLI, Born Lanarkshire, Residence Lanarkshire, died 15/04/1943, Theatre Italy
    5953375 Robert Edwards, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt, born Durham County, Residence Bedfordshire, died 22/05/1944, Theatre India
    7893001 Robert Edwards, Lothians and Border Horse, RAC, Regt at 1/9/39 RAC, Born Hull, Residence Hull, died 24/04/43, theatre North Africa
    14449679 Robert J Edwards, RASC, Born Lancashire, Residence Lancs, died 08/08/46, theater Middle East
    200779 Ronald Edwards, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt, born Bedfordshire, Residence Hertfordshire, died 26/07/43, theatre Sicily
  8. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Some results were just too long for me to type them all, I'm afraid, so I listed those I thought likeliest

    E Brooks [extract of 20]
    1559995 Army Catering Corps, Born Newcastle-on-Tyne, residence Lancs, died 20/02/1945, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45

    J Galloway [extract of 10]
    64137 James B Galloway, RA, born London W, Residence London W, died March 1943, theatre Malaya
    324659 James Galloway, RA, Regt at 1/9/39 The Northumberland Hussars RA, Born Perth, Residence Newcastle-on-Tyne, died 23/03/1943, theatre Middle East
    2054145 James McL Galloway, RE, Regt at 1/9/39 RE, Born Dundee, Residence Dundee, died 15/06/1940, theatre UK
    3252218 James Galloway, The Cameronians, born Ayr, Residence Ayrshire, died 29/04/1945, theatre Middle East
    184692 John D Galloway, The Royal Warwickshire Regt, Regt at 1/9/39 The King's Royal Rifle Corps, born Kent, residence Kent, died 18/03/1943, Theatre North Africa
    6976614 John Galloway, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Regt at 1/9/39 The Royal Irish Fusiliers, born Co Tyrone, Residence Co Tyrone, died 26/05/1940, theatre France and Belgium Campaign, 1939/40
    7902610 John Galloway, North Irish Horse (Supplemantary Reserve) RAC, Born Co Armagh, residence Co Armagh, died 23/05/1944, theatre Italy
    5337258 Joseph Gallowy, The Royal Berkshire Regt (Princess Charlot of Wales'), Regt at 1/9/39 as before, Born London N, Residence London N, died 22/06/1944, Theatre Western Europe Campaign, 1944/45

    J Greaves [extract of 9]
    5117806 James Greaves, The Worcestershire Regt, born Preston, Residence Nottinghamshire, died 06/07/41, theatre Middle East
    7348129 John Greaves, RAMC, Regt at 1/9/39, born St Helens, Residence St Helens, died 16/0/42, theatre Middle East

    A H Henry
    2580454 Albert F Henry Royal Corps of Signals, Regt at 1/9/39 Royal Corps of Signals, born Lancs, Residence Lancs, died 23/07/43, theatre Malaya
    10601005 Albert Henry, Reconnaissance Corps, RAC, Born Liverpool, residence Liverpool, died 10/02/1944, Theatre Italy

    L Parr
    No result

    W Ralphs
    3774250 Private William Ralphs, The East Lancashire Regt, born Liverpool, Residence Liverpool, died 07/01/45, theatre Western Europe Campaign 1944/45

    J H Riley [extract of 29]
    3779303 James Riley, King's Own Royal Regt (Lancaster) born Liverpool, residence Liverpool, died Nov 1943, Theatre Middle East
    7605512 James Riley, The Welch Regt, born Liverpool, residence Liverpool, died 27/02/1942, theatre Middle East
    14203176 James Riley, East Yorkshire Regt (The Duke of York's Own) born Liverpool, Residence Liverpool, died 06/06/1944, Western Europe Campaign, 44/45
    14296680 James Riley, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, RAC, born Liverpool, residence Liverpool, died 22/11/44, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    14573364 James Riley, RA, Born Birkenhead, residence Birkenhead, died 09/10/44, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    117979 Jane Riley, ATS, Born Liverpool, Residence Liverpool, died 14/01/1943, theatre UK
    7894001 John Riley, Royal Tank Regt, RAD, Born Preston, Residence Preston, died 17/08/1942, theatre Middle East
    14307523 John Riley, RAOC, born Lancs, residence Lancs, died 14/07/1945, theatre UK
    4461587 Joseph Riley, DLI, born St Helens, Residence Stockport, died 04/07/1944, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45

    C Webster
    935603 Charles Webster, RA, Regt at 1/9/39 RA, Born Essex, Residence Essex, died 27/11/1942, theatre North Africa
    3774897 Charles Webser, DLI, born St. Helens, Residence St. Helens, died 04/07/1944, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    87268 Christopher Webster, RASC, Regt at 1/9/39 RA, Born Glamorgan, residence Glamorgan, died 17/07/1944, theatre Western Europe Campaign 44/45
    2010003 Clifford Webser, RE, Born Leeds, Residence Leeds, died 20/09/1940, Theatre UK
    14002672 Colin Webster, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, died 17/02/1945, theatre Western Europe Campaign 1944/45
  9. Stephen Nulty

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    Apologies for the delay in replying, as I've had the grandchildren over the weekend !!!! No chance of being online when they're climbing all over me.

    Lots of good information for me to go on included above, and it's all much appreciated.

    I'll take some time to run through it all and will come back to advise on the outcome.


  10. englandphil

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    Stephen, if any of the guys you are researching were from Widnes, or served with the South lancs i may have some info on them.

    If there is drop me a line

  11. Pete Keane

    Pete Keane Senior Member

    I know you'll laugh at the village idiot here - but what does BICC stand for?

  12. englandphil

    englandphil Very Senior Member

    Pete, BICC is the British Industrial Cable Company. They had a massive factory in Prescot which is now all but gone.


    ps. Hoping to get the next chapter tomorrow, so will get back to transcribing
  13. Stephen Nulty

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    Not had any luck in tracking any of them to Widnes, I'm afraid.

    BICC stood for British Insulated Callendars Cables, the name coming into use when British Insulated & Helbsy Cables merged with the Callendars Cable Company around 1945.

    As Phil points out, the company once covered most of Prescot,employing some 10,000 people, but is no more.

    Research continues..........
  14. Stephen Nulty

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    After a visit to the National Museums Liverpool last week, in which I accessed the archives for the BICC's "Link" staff magazine, I have been able to knock another two of the nemas off my list.

    I actually found that the names as inscribed on the memorial are wrong !!

    "R B J Edwards" refers to "P B G" (Peter Bernard Gill) Edwards, RAFVR, 10/07/1941
    "A H Henry" refers to "A F " (Albert Francis) Henry, RCS, 23/07/1943

    Apologies for the wild goose chase on these two. I still haven't determined positive identification for the others though.
  15. izzy

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    Stephen regarding the B.I.C.C Staff magazine can you give me any direction on where to find it as T.R. Prescott who is mentioned on the Grammar school memorial in Prescot is also mentioned on it. Is there an obituary for him ?

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