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    Hi All,

    has anyone got issue November 1942 of Red Cross' The Prisoner of War Magazine. I am specifically looking for the following photo attached.

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated. The individual in question is Fl/Lt Douglas "Sammy" Hoare, 74 Squadron RAF, who was a POW from 1940-1944. Camp details below.

    Many thanks everyone.


    Camp/Place Camp No. Dates
    Limberg Not known (A French camp) June 40
    Spangenberg Oflag IXA (An Army camp) June 40
    “ Oflag IXA(H) (RAF Camp) Jun-Jul 40
    Barth Stalag Luft II [or I?] Jul 40-Feb 41
    Spangenberg Oflag IXA(H) Feb 41-Mar 41
    Thorne (Poland) Stalag Luft XXA Mar 41-May 41
    Spangenberg Oflag IX(H) Jun 41-Oct 41
    Warburg Oflag VIB Oct 41-Aug 42 [camp broke up in 42]
    Schubin (Poland) Oflag XXIB Aug 42-Apr 43
    Sagan Stalag Luft III Apr 43-Aug 44
    Gross Tychow? Stalag Luft IVD Aug 44-Sep 44

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