Help Request - German 1st Infantry Division Material?

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    Passing this on:

    HELP REQUEST – PLEASE READ – DIVISIONAL HISTORY | Gott mit uns! German Military History 1848-1945

    For the last 10 years I have been researching the history of Germany’s 1st Infanterie-Division in World War 2. My grandfather served in one of its regiments (Infanterie-Regiment 22, later Fusilier-Regiment 22) from 1941 to 1943. My ultimate goal is to write a history of the Division as seen and told by its soldiers. In the past years I was able to collect a large amount of personal recollections, photographs, documents (incl. the Divisions war diaries) and had the honor to meet many of its former soldiers, of which many were so kind as to allow me to scan their photographs and documents. To finish my project I am still looking for more material. If you are a militaria dealer or a collector owning items (Documents, photographs etc) relating to the Divisions units (*see list below) or if you have/had a relative that served in the Divisions ranks, I would love to hear from you. I do not need the originals, a good scan of anything you might have will be fine. All donators will be mentioned.
    The chap concerned is an excellent bloke, who's committed to sharing much very good material with the wider Internet.
    If you have anything to share, or know anyone who might have - give him a shout.
    Email on that link - Or Twitter ID @1infanteriediv

    Spread the word.


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