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    Hello all, I am trying to decipher the writing on the band on my father's hat in the attached picture. I can't match it to the shore establishments listed on his certificate of service (1944 to 1947): Royal Arthur, Scotia, Drake, Afrikander, Malagas, and Bambara. I think I can make out 'SC", possibly "SCO", but I don't know if it's Scotia, as the preceding letters are not HMS. Perhaps it's an abbreviation related to Royal Navy signals? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Tullybrone

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    I’m no naval expert but last 3 letters look like S C C to me and going by his tender years in the photo could it be his Sea Cadet Corps photo?

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  3. 4jonboy

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    I read NLSC C ? Maybe a letter before the N, so could be read as RNLSC? or I'm really completely off the mark;)
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    Bear in mind cap tallies during the war did not show the ship but were merely marked 'HMS'.

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    NL name of town abbreviated

    SCC sea cadet corps

    My home town used to be SSSCC Southend on Sea Sea Cadet Corps

    So look at where he was born

    True the official ones were marked HMS but plenty of sailors wore unofficial ones

    HMS/M being one

    HMS Destoyers being another

    When ted Briggs married my gt aunt in 1942 when a leading signalman he wore a HMS hood cap tally
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    Hi James, my father was from Birmingham.
    Perhaps the NL is Navy League? I came across this article while searching for information about the Sea Cadet Corps after the suggestions received: The Sea Cadet Corps | THE ADVENTURES OF KATE

    According to Kate, the Sea Cadets were renamed as the Navy League Sea Cadet Corps in 1919, and then the Sea Cadet Corps in 1942.
  7. Hugh MacLean

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    I agree it is the NL S.C.C.

    The Navy League applied to the Admiralty for recognition of its 34 Boys' Naval Brigades. This was granted in 1919 subject to an annual efficiency inspection by an officer on the staff of the Admiral Commanding Reserves, and the title Navy League Sea Cadet Corps was adopted.

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    Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your help!

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