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    Hello chaps, first time poster but long time lurker. I need your expert help/advice regarding uniform worn by the Grossdeutchland division during the 3rd Battle for Karkhov in Feb 1943.
    I am currently making a model street scene diorama during the battle and want to know if the division had been issued reversible camouflage smocks similar to those worn by the Waffen SS by this time or if they were still wearing the normal field uniform. Any help would be great fully appreciated and if I can post pictures of the completed item I'll be more than happy to do so.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Krawczyk has the reversible smock 'technically' on issue to Heer from 1942 onwards (White/Mouse-Grey at first, then Camo/White very late '42/early '43).
    He does say, though 'It was not until Winter '43-44' that the padded uniform could really be termed 'general issue'.

    Sainz similarly says 'Autumn '42' for the non-camo & 'late '42' for camo.
    He also says the issue picture is so confused a full catalogue would be very difficult.

    But you probably knew all that...
    I'd say try Wehrmacht Awards or Axis History where you may more likely find a GD equipment expert (we can be a tad thin on non-vehicular German gear), but you may have as good a chance as anyone in looking for & confirming time, unit etc. in photographs.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for your reply von Poop much appreciated. I'll give the two links a try.

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