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    Hi All

    Currently Transcribing a Service Record for a Pioneer Soldier who served between the years of 1943 - 1945
    and have come across various Coy's he was in but cant find any information of brief history of what/where the coy's were, the List as Follows

    184 Coy 05/08/1942
    81 Coy 23/02/1944
    219 Coy 24/05/1945
    139 Coy 26/07/1945

    Any help would be most appreciated and Thanks in Advances

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    Hi Bry

    Often it is easier for others to see what you need if you upload copies of the documents, as misreads do happen

    Possible at random
    139 Coy. | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 171/7315
    139 Coy.
    Date: 1945 Jan.- Dec.
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record(s)
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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    The Royal Logistic Corps has a digital archive including the Pioneer Corps War Diaries. A quick check seems to show they hold the Diaries (or it may be a precis of the Diary) for all the Companies you listed. It looks as though the charge is £3.50 per Diary to download.
    Search RPC War Diaries - RLC Digital Archive
    Prices - RLC Digital Archive

    Edited. It is a summary of the War Diary but it will be something to get you going.
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