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  1. Hello. I am trying to find out any information i can regarding my grandfather Robert Yare. As a family we have only a hand full of photographs and unfortunately very little information. I am hoping that someone may be able to help me gain some knowledge of his war years. Maybe some may recognise which unit he was in from the uniform or perhaps cap badge etc..? As far as we know he was a cook in the Royal Navy, but like so many he never talked about his war years. On some photos he had written some names of ships & places that presumably he was on. The ships mentioned were HMS Hare and one photo has someone wearing a hat with HMS Drake on it. Places mentioned were - Sierra Leone, Freetown West Africa, Lyemun Barack’s Shuaki Wan in Hong King. I would appreciate any kind of advice, opinion or guidance that anyone could give me.

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    The main piece of advice we can give is to obtain a copy of the individual’s service record.

    Unless you are unlucky, service records will give a timeline showing units, promotions (and demotions!), embarkation/disembarkation dates, award entitlements, hospitalisations (although not medical records) etc etc..

    The process for obtaining records can be found here: Service records
  3. Thank you very much tony56 for such a quick response. I was hoping to get his service record but unfortunately we have no record of his service number anywhere. Would there perhaps be someone I could contact who could tell me his service number then I can apply for his record?
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    Hi, You don't need his service number to obtain his records just give all the identifying information that you can.
    HMS HARE was a minesweeper - plenty of photos online and HMS DRAKE was the RN Barracks at Devonport. While I note he is wearing RN uniform in the second photo in the first the beret he is wearing is not RN.
    Go with Tony's advice service records always the first place to begin.

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    Best advice already given is to obtain his Service Records.
    HMS Drake is a shore establishment being the naval barracks at Devonport, Plymouth.
    HMS Hare was a minesweeper commissioned in late 1944. Deployed on minesweeping around UK. Post war deployed to Far East on mine clearance eventually being based in Hong Kong. Freetown would tie in with a passage from UK to the Far East as it was a common refuelling and storing stop.
    HMS Hare, minesweeper

    Edit: Crossed with Hugh's post!
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  6. Thanks Hugh & Timuk for the information really appreciate it. It’s great news if I don’t need his service number, I’ll get onto that straight away. Must admit the little knowledge I have of the navy uniform, it does puzzle me why he was wearing a beret which I had always assumed was army uniform. Hopefully his records will be a good starting place to find out more. Thank you once again.
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  8. Thank you for that Tony. Lol.. Dont think it’s a holiday snap, but they all seem happy when the photo was taken, perhaps they had just about to take advantage of the all inclusive bar and swimming pool facilities :)
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    He is wearing a royal artillery cap badge
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