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Discussion in 'RASC' started by old bill, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. old bill

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    I wonder if anybody could help with these photos. I think that they're RASC. Does anybody have any idea of the possible location and or date that they might have been taken. From what I know they are wireless trucks of some kind.

    It's a long shot I know but any help would be appreciated.


    Old Bill
  2. RoughEngineeringMadeEasy

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    I'll give it a about the Rifle Brigade, France prior to Dunkirk. Ford WOC 1, 8 cwt wireless truck built in UK from parts supplied from America and used 1939-1940. Presumably most of them being left behind at the evacuation.
  3. Trux

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    Certainly a Ford WOC1 but I think this one is the personnel body. The only external difference is that the wireless body is detachable and has folding legs under it. The personnel body does not have these. The marking RB is a Royal Artillery tactical sign indicating the vehicle used by the 'B' troop commander. This fits with the cap badges which are RA.

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  4. RoughEngineeringMadeEasy

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    So, totally wrong then :(
  5. Trux

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    No. Let us be positive. It is certainly a WOC1 and it differs from the wireless version only in two small struts under the body. A good looking truck anyway.

  6. Tom Canning

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    Rough engineering

    Don't give up - seems I am totally wrong at least once per day
  7. Rav4

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    I think lanyard worn on the right shoulder would indicate Royal Artillery.
  8. old bill

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    Chaps that's absolutely remarkable! Thank you. Lots of food for thought there.

    The photos belong to my father-in-law who is trying his best at the moment to trace his uncle's time in the services. They were found in some old photo albums. Bit of a mystery that I'm trying to solve. After the war the uncle disappeared and was never heard of by the family again.

    My next route is to see if he was ever in touch with the post-war services associations for veterans as that may yield some results about what happened to him and where he ended up. Any suggestions would, as ever, be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again

    Old Bill
  9. Bruneval

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    Old Bill,

    A long time since your post here, however the vehicle is a Ford Truck 8-Cwt 4 x 2 G.S. This vehicle was procured under contract number V.3730 in 22nd July 1940, so post Dunkirk. (see attached).

    WOC 1944.jpg



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