Help needed - 14635773 Pte AJV 'Jack' Roberts 2 Mons, DoW 13 Apr 45 Rethem

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    I am trying to obtain information as to the circumstances relating to the death of my uncle, Pte AJV 'Jack' Roberts of 2nd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment. Jack died on 13th April 1945 as a result of wounds sustained during the Battle of Rethem which commenced on 11th April. I would be very appreciative of any details of Jack's service with 2nd Mons. If any forum member is able to provide particulars of which company in the 2nd Mons Jack was a member of, the information would assist me considerably in determining the probable location where Jack was wounded within Rethem or its immediate vicinity.

    I have copies of Jack's Service and Casualty Form together with his TA Record of Service. I have also accessed the very useful information on the CWGC website relating to his reburial at Becklingen Cemetery.
    Unfortunately, a significant amount of other material relating to Jack's military service was lost in February 2020 due to the extensive flooding in the area of South Wales which is the location of the home of his close relatives.

    I have copies of both 'No Triumphant Procession' and 'Theirs The Strife' both of which have been of immense assistance to me in my research to date; I am also very grateful to JDKR for pointing me in the right direction as I continue to investigate the circumstances of Jack's death.

    Any help from forum members would be very much appreciated
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    Hugely helpful Tony56 and I had completely forgotten the posts made in 2019 about Jack. It now looks strongly that he belonged to either B or D Coy and was mortally wounded on 11 April during the 2 Mons attack on Rethem. The shell splinter could have come from a shell fired by the 10.5cm Flak. However, as the marines also had 8cm mortars and there were Flak firing from the Aller’s right bank, there is no certainty about the source of the splinter.
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    Tony56- many apologies for my late reply- I've have been away from home for the last week in the far south west of England with no access to the internet and have only just returned last night. I am very appreciative of your assistance in my quest to determine the location and date of the death of my late uncle Jack Roberts. The information is incredibly helpful
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