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    Hi every one, Im Mac Paton JR, My father was a private David Gordon(Mac)Paton in the 5th Royal Canadian Artillery(RHR), he was a gunner, and thats unfortunately all I know about him. he survived his tour and was a wonderful man who touched everyone he met. he told me and my brothers and sister he was a cook which on his death bed he confessed was a fib.. claiming he simply didnt want to talk about it with us or otherwise.. I honored his wishes, but he has been gone(rip) since 2002 and I still know nothing of his time over seas and would like to understand my Da more. if anyone has any thing at all I'd love to hear about it and or any stories you'd like to share I have the utmost respect for all the warriors who've ever set foot on the battlefield and miss the kind of talk I would hear when his Mate's would come for tea. if you want to tell your stories or just want to talk Im always happy to chat. pls feel free to talk/type my ear off, I miss my Da and the hours we could talk about almost nothing, playing a good game of chess or cribbage. Im new here so if this inappropriate pls forgive me and have the admin edit the post.:poppy: Thanks Mac
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    Welcome aboard !

    A suggestion ?

    While you are waiting for someone to help you, place the identical query on
    (which is the "sister" site to this forum) but which seems to cater for both Canadian & American queries

    Good luck !

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    Welcome to the forum , have added 'Royal Canadian Artillery' to the thread title .
    It should attract the attention of those who can help further.

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