Help me find info on my great grandfather.

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    I would really love some help in finding some info on my great grandad. His name was Michael Joseph Kelly married to Mabel Alexandra Lawton. He was 22 years old in 1924 when they got married and at the time he was living in Orford barracks in Warrington, according to the marriage certificate. I can't make out his reg no very well and I've tried researching different variations of it with no luck. I'd be grateful for some help. Thanks.

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    Wiki indicates that in the Inter-War period the regiment had two 'regular' battalions, alas that is all. In 1939 the 1st Batt. was in the UK and the 2nd Batt. was in India. See:South Lancashire Regiment - Wikipedia

    There is a map of the barracks in WW1 era on: The Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) - The Long, Long Trail They were also known as: Peninsula Barracks, Warrington - Wikipedia

    The successor regiment's museum is:
    Current website:

    For Mabel:
    From: Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project
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    South Lancs Regt definitely in India in 1944
    My uncle was Permanently Attached S. Lancs R 24/1/44
    CTBA (Ceased to be attached) S Lancs R 5.3.44
    Posted TOS 1 Wilts 13.4.44
    Arrived 14th Army Sigs 24.7.44

    (See Form B103 attached)

    Bill in Burma.jpg

    Suggest that you apply for his Service Record from the MOD or The National Archive.
    You will then know where he went and when.

    Others on the forum will advise you on this.

    Notes From my Family Book circa 2016 (source unknown)
    South Lancashire Regiment
    In February 1944 General Slim launched an attack in the Arakan,
    an advance which coincided with a Japanese offensive in the same area.
    The Lancashire battalions deployed initially to the Bawli area of North Arakan,
    where they saw no action. A few days later, however, the Japanese gave up their
    offensive and both battalions moved up to the Mayu Ridge, where they had
    their first contact with the enemy. During early March the South Lancashires
    dealt successfully with an enemy penetration of the area; they then handed
    over the Ngakyedauk Pass to the East Lancashires and moved further along the ridge.
    Ten days later the South Lancashires attacked the heavily defended Point 1301, near the Maya Tunnels,
    but after a great deal of hard fighting the attempt was called off when the companies were held up
    within yards of their objectives, which were later taken only after considerable air and artillery bombardment.
    From April 1944 until the end of the war, it fought in the recapture of Burma.

    The South Lancashire Regiment (The Prince of Wales’s Volunteers) | National Army Museum
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