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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by louise86, Jun 7, 2019.

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    Hi, I don't know much about my Grandfather (Maurice William Luscombe) let alone his military record. I have his service number which is 927269. He was a Bombardier (Royal Field Artillery). He didn't tell me much as I was too young at the time but he told me that on one occasion he woke to find that a snake had shed its skin in the bottom of his sleeping bag and that he and he fellow comrades used to race sheeps eyes down the walls, so by being told this I guess he was stationed in the dessert - not sure where! I also know that he was shot in the leg but again not much to go on. I have found on ancestry a record which has 30.6.46 Para 390 (xvi) KR 1942 then something else written in red but cant read it properly.

    If anyone is able to help shed any light or know how I can find out more information then I will be ever so grateful
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    Thank you! I will apply for my grandfathers record as soon as I've printed off the forms. I obviously have no idea where to look let alone where to start. This is what I found on ancestry but no idea what it means or where to look.
    military MW luscombe 1946 (4).png
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    That's his attestation,i.e. whenhe joined the Royal artillery 1939.
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    Ahhh that makes a bit of sense (not much lol) but it's something. I have also found this. And that is where it stops. 15599101012933704831741156625016.jpg
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    Records are the very first step you need to take - when you have them you will be able to build onto them with details from other sources, BUT it is necessary to know where there other sources are and for the you need his service records.

    Any web site offering this information is well ....................... go to the MOD its the only way

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The bit in red looks like To R.A. FLD 26-7-44. Below that and crossed out is C.D.A.A. They are likely abbreviations for 'Royal Artillery Field' and 'Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft'. The 57 F under his service number may indicate that he served with 57th Field Regiment, which deployed to North Africa and Italy.

    But as TD says, service records are vital to get any certainty about when and where he went. When you get them you can post pictures here for help with deciphering the many abbreviations (and terrible handwriting!).
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    And to whet you appetite before you receive your grandfather's service records. The reference WO 102/36 is the file reference at the National Archives for lists of the award of the Territorial Efficiency Medal so he must have spent sometime in the TA.

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    I agree that 57 F is 57 Fd Regt RA. It would tally with the others and with 5th Survey - 5th Survey Regiment.

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