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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by John Reeves, Oct 19, 2021.

  1. John Reeves

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    Hello All
    Am working through my dads war records, and may have to upload a copy to see if you experts can help me.
    But in the meantime does anyone know what the 340 in 340/35 AA means, I guess the 35AA is 35th Anti-Aircraft (AA) Brigade, but a bit stuck with the 350

    Thanks guys.
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    Service records not likely to record brigade unless serving directly in them. More likely to be the regiment with the higher number the battery but best to see exactly what's written.
  4. John Reeves

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    Hello Guys
    Have finally managed to piece together and scan my dads army records, it was suggested that you experts here might be able to decipher them for me I have poured over them for many an hour and am having trouble understanding the terminology. Any help would be so much appreciated.

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  5. Uncle Target

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    Downloaded first sheet but as it is RE not RA others might do a better job. I really only wanted to read what I thought would be a photocopy to see if I could help.
    I will check next time I pass by in case you get stuck. Deleted the download
  6. hutt

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    340/35 means 340Battery, 35th Searchlight Regiment.
    Searchlights were originally under the Royal Engineers and then incorporated into the RA.
    You have 2 diaries at Kew that would probably be worth looking at to cover his time with them up to 27 11 41.
    WO166/3183 340S/L Bty Aug 39 to 31 March 41
    WO166/3052 35S/L Regt Aug 39 to Dec 41
    Skip reading some of my brigade diaries for divisions covering London and the south / south east coast and I see there are a couple of references to both Battery and Regiment.
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