help id'ing this axis unit (uniform clue)..?

Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by omega_chile, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. omega_chile

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    Hi new to the forum just wanted to get some information on this photo.. i guess by the uniform its an axis side but it does'nt look like the standard German uniform and the arm band looks diffrent not the swasitka but what looks like a thunder bolt? any help would be great!


    i did my best to get the photo in its best form but it was out of focus when it was taken :(



    this was written on the back of the photo above may help?


  2. T. A. Gardner

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    Best guess on the photos:

    The writing on the back identifies him as Gr├╝ppenfuhrer v. Grollmann. The distinct cap and collar devices tend to indicate that his is a local political leader with the Nazi party. The collar devices are too indistinct to make an exact determination of position but likely he is a branch office or district office head holding equivalent rank to a Gr├╝ppenfuhrer in the SS.
    The armband and sleeve shield above it would give his exact function but are too indistinct to make out. He would be in a quasi-military functionary position with civil and some military authority.
    Wearing of military style uniforms by many civil authorities in Nazi Germany was common so this does not put him out of place.

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