Help identifying Units please.

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    My father Gunner Burnikell served with 5 RHA he was wounded at Echt and down graded after being hospitalized in Lille.
    I now have his service record and although struggling with some of it am managing to make sense of it ,
    the last entries seem to be a jumble of units

    Down graded from AT to B6
    TOS H&SC from 52 RHLL
    P/A to 2ca pool from 41 RHA pool.
    Remain on X(1) list
    Med examination found fit for further service.Med Cat 6
    Posted to X(vnta)list for class A

    he was then posted back to UK for discharge .
    Notification of Release form states .
    Unit Regiment or Corps:- RA Field, Last serving with 307 P Mil Goo . (or Gov) Det.

    Any help in identifying any of the above units above would be much appreciated.

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