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Discussion in 'General' started by Adam540, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. Adam540

    Adam540 Junior Member

    Hi All,
    Could anyone help identifying this chaps unit at all please? There are markings on the bike etc but other than what appears to be a DR helmet, very little to go on. Circa 44/45 and possibly Normandy onwards.

    Many thanks :) DEC763F0-877F-47EF-A7F7-2888E3FBA82E.jpeg
  2. dml34

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    I'm sorry that nobody on this forum is able to help with your query. Unfortunately the photograph is not clear enough to read the unit marking clearly. I think that can make out 137 on the motorcycle and there could be a fourth digit lurking there, together with a L of C white diagonal stripe. If the unit number is [137-], then there is a strong probability of the unit being a General Transport Company RASC.
  3. Adam540

    Adam540 Junior Member

    Thank you for responding. No problems at all. :)

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