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Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by LindaM, Apr 2, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a picture of my Grandmother in her nurses uniform and also a group photo outside her hospital in Leicester during WWII. She said she was conscripted, so would that uniform be the ATS or did all nurses automatically join the QA's at that time? Does anyone know what the badge on her tie is?

    Sorry if these are obvious questions.


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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    Going by shape alone, the badge looks like it could be one for Civil Nursing Reserve - I only found this though googling, so there may well be other possibilities. Another forum member may know better...

    BBC People's War site has a few more articles on CNR
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    I think you could be spot on with your guess dbf! The shape of the badge is fairly accurate and the explanation of how the CNR nurses were conscripted does match with what I had been told. That's brilliant. I can now read up more on the CNR and know what sort of work she was involved in.

    Thank you :)

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