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    christian wonderful models!
    would you be so kind to email me
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    Hi Mike

    This is what I have in my notes;

    In RAF service at Portrush.
    1968-84; transferred to RN control for use as a fast despatch launch to service the RMAS base in Greenock.
    12/84; sold to Mr Bateman from Ashford, Kent.
    By 1989 sold to CMS Canada Ltd and re-named Canadian Osprey. Renovated and re-engined by them with GM diesels.
    USDV Canadian Osprey was on diving support duties with the US Navy in 1989. (she was US flagged at that time).
    By 2005 owned by Mr Aspey.
    Damaged at Dumbarton in 2011 when lifting strops cut through her hull.

    Regards, Christian.

    p.s. this info is mostly from the bmpt website.

    p.p.s. Richard I have sent you an e-mail as request.
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    A boat which was present at the surrender of the E-Boats but was not an E-Boat was an RN Naval Launch (a commandeered yacht I think), it is on this video clip 35 seconds in;

    E Boat Surrender pt 2 - YouTube
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    Just picked up on this. The surrender where this supposedly happened was at Kiel, not Felixstowe, bit thank you for the post. Sorry l did not pick it up earlier..



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