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    Hello, I am new to this site to try and gather some information on some pen and ink drawings that I have. I have tried to research them but have been unable to find any information. I have tried to find the uniform types of the subjects but cannot find the sleeve cuffs. A couple of them are signed R.W. and one of them is titled "OBERST KOMMANDANT BIBERSTEIN". It even seems to me that Oberst Kommandant may not even be an official title. Any help that anyone out there may be able to provide would be very gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

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    Hello there, and welcome aboard.

    Are they possibly Swiss?

    OberstKorpKommandant Arnold Biberstein:

    Wo St. Galler Flugpioniere √ľbten
    (Google translate below of passage with that name.)
    .pdf with what looks like an obituary to that name and title here (c.5mb):

    'Oberst Biberstein, Kommandant der Zentralschulen'
    E27#1000/721#4673* Angelegenheit zwischen Oberstdivisionär de Loys und Oberst Biberstein, Kommandant der Zentralschulen, wegen eines Inspektionsberichtes, 1913-1914 (Dossier)

    (@Heimbrent , how are you on Prewar Swiss training schools etc.? That's what it looks like it may be to me.)
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    Seem to be quite similar in Kepi & cuff to Swiss Air force (or Army... we don't do this much :) ) of interwar-WW2 period:


    OberstKorpsKommandant appears to be the Swiss equivalent of Lt. General.
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    I realize that the pictures are caricatures, the top left really looks like caricatures of Japanese Military visitors?


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