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Discussion in 'General' started by Logicman, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Logicman

    Logicman New Member

    Hi there, was recommended to ask on here from someone at rootstec London.

    This badge was given to me by my grandmother a number of years ago, she got it from her brother.

    I have been trying to find out what it is for the last few years but haven't found anything, can anyone help please. IMG_20191106_093014~2.jpg

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  2. Robert-w

    Robert-w Well-Known Member

    Crossed cannon and the torch of liberty suggests US Army - with the wings possibly USAAF
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  3. travers1940

    travers1940 Well-Known Member

    The Torch was/is used in the US Army as a symbol of communication, by the Signals Corps. May they be US Airborne Signals or similar ?
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  4. Robert-w

    Robert-w Well-Known Member

    But the US Army used the crossed cannon with the torch - the latter bei8ng called the torch of liberty - just as the statue holds one.
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  5. Logicman

    Logicman New Member

    Im stymped, been scrolling through Google images trying to find a match but no luck.
  6. redtop

    redtop Well-Known Member

    Beacon of Light also symbolising Education and Enlightment
    So a Military school maybe..
    School of Airborne Artillery?.
  7. Logicman

    Logicman New Member

    Just been doing some digging on ancestry and I now know he was born in 1950 so too late for ww1 or ww2.

    Must have been serving in the 70-80s ish. Don't know if that helps but thought I'd make a note of it.

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