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Discussion in 'Service Records' started by BritishTJK, May 12, 2019.

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    I have my Grandfather's service record and despite extensive googling there are a few entries I cannot make out. Hoping someone can help and sorry for all the questions :blush:

    The first says Granted SAP 15 Feb 43, what is SAP or is it SAP 15?
    The second says Disembarked Quay? TOS (taken on strength) PAIF (Persia and Iraq Force). Does it say Disembarked Quay?
    The third file says Leave HRM ?? 72 ? p.d 24/30 Mar. I do not understand this, was he paid for something?
    The fourth file I am unsure if these are 2 entries or 1 using 2 lines and the only part I understand is the DLI (Durham Light Infantry) reference.
    The last file says Posted 5 Transit something 1.jpg
    He was in the LAA and in his diary he says "went on duty as R.O.B. at 6pm for 24hrs", any ideas what R.O.B means?

    Later he says "Went on O.P.2. Master gun for 24hrs" what does O.P.2 mean?

    Another entry says "Went to the canteen of the R.A.F. of the I.P.C." What is I.P.C?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi and welcome

    "The second says Disembarked Quay? TOS (taken on strength) PAIF (Persia and Iraq Force). Does it say Disembarked Quay?"
    I would say Iraq.


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    Thanks, I can see that now, I should have thought of that!!
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    Thanks I did wonder about the Iraq petroleum company but wasn't sure in context it made sense, but I'll go with that now I have a valuable second opinion
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    The first one might be SPP rather than SAP, which is Service Proficiency Pay: a pay increment granted after (I think) 3 years' service. Would that fit in with his length of service on 15th Feb 1943?

    The 'Leave HRM' as TTH says is probably 'Higher Rate Messing' - looks like an allowance paid during a period of leave between 24th to 30th March to cover food etc. while not receiving rations from his home unit.

    For comparison, there's an entry on my grandfather's service record (while in India and referring to the local currency) that says Granted HMA & TA @ Rs 4 / - / - p.d
    'Granted Higher Messing Allowance & Travel Allowance at four rupees, zero anna and zero paise per diem'

    Your grandfather's is possibly something like Leave HRM @ - / 2" p.d. or 'Leave (with) Higher Rate Messing at zero pounds, 2 shillings per diem'. Or possibly it's a '72' followed by an abbreviation for the local currency.
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    Oh that would fit perfectly that was 3 years to the day that he enlisted. And thanks for the idea about currency, I will look into that
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    Spot on.

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    My best guesses on these are:
    Transfer (abbreviated) to DLI and posted 1 (can't read this) under provisions of ACI (Army Council Instruction) 626/39.
    Posted 5 Transit Camp

    My best guess for ROB would be Required On Board, but I'm not sure that is an Army expression.

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    Thank you very much. The ROB is a mystery I may never solve as it's his diary not an official record entry
  13. Tullybrone

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    Could R O B be “Regimental Orderly Bloke” - mixture of an accepted Army term and slang?

  14. BritishTJK

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I never knew my grandfather, but he did not appear to have been the "bloke" type :)

    He refers to being on guard duty and manning the master gun in other entries, so it would seem this was some kind of other duty, I need a time machine :huh:

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