Help: 4 Somerset Light Infantry in fight for Xanten

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    I'm looking for the 4 Somerset Light Infantry (129 Bde) regimental history for the chapter on the fight for Xanten (Rhineland, 7 - 9 March 45).

    I'm also looking for a better copy of the drawing below. 4 SLI attack along the main road that gives access to Xanten, which is discernable in the background.Tanks are pulling a prefabricated Bailey bridge foward which was to be used to bridge the cratered main road into Xanten. The Germans had cratered the road at a point where it passed an anti-tank ditch, which was dug at right angels to the road.


    I would like to know the full story of this (engineer) operation as well. IIRC the bridge laying attempt failed because the bridge was to short.
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    Just scanned pages , I'll email them to you rather than post on forum.
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    Received them Owen. Much appreciated.

    Unfortunately it gives no details about the episode with the prefabricated Bailey bridge, which is in the sketch/drawing. Anyone?

    See this passage from Essame's History of the 43rd Wessex:
    Wessex Hist.jpg

    The drawing was published in the "Illustrated London News".
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    Still looking.

    Does Delaforce's book "The Fighting Wessex Wyverns" give a clue about the episode with the Bailey bridge?
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    Just scanning pages 213 & 214 now. I'll email them to you.
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    Finally got hold of the story that goes with the drawing in post #1, the attack by 4 Somerset Light Infantry on Xanten from the point of view of the supporting RE's (courtesy of Ramacal):

    P1190954 (Large).JPG P1190955 (Large).JPG P1190956 (Large).JPG P1190957 (Large).JPG
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