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    My name is Dave and i like to research the details of battles of world war 2. I found this forum at the start of research about Hoch Elten. I hope my other researches before my membership can help other members.
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    Welcome aboard Dave070. This website can be amazing, though don't expect magic and speed at times.

    I assume Hochelten is the German village near the Dutch border and the River Rhine. There are a number of threads on the Allied crossing of the Rhine, most use the Hoch Elten spelling and only three Hochelten. Use the search function and you will see them. One particular member, Stolpi, appears in one if not more threads.
  3. Dave070

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    Yeah i mean that small village. I visited the place yesterday and spoke a german old man. He told me his brother fought there and it was a living hell during 3 day shelling. Gladly the boy survived it on the age of 14/15.
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    Dave welcome to the forum
    Anything you can add will be most welcome

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    Welcome aboard Dave.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Dave.

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    Hello guys! I'm glad to join your community
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    Welcome, Gerald!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to both of you.
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    Hello, my ame wim and I working on Hoch Elten, I did found a sort of Diary of the major who's working on Hoch Elten and a story of two young brothers from Rees, they working as Flak helpers on Hoch Elten.
    I Looking for information about the whole operation on Hoch Elten, from canadians to german.

    Maybe I can do somethiung for you.

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