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  1. Les Hancock

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    Hello Everybody and thanks for the add to your site,

    I have come across this site whilst researching my fathers war records which I received some time ago now.

    Until now I havent really had much time to research them due to other commitments.

    Like most other people when I did look in any depth I was just mind bogled with the coding and numbering and when I did start to investigate I just got more confused.

    I was wondering that if i was to post the paperwork would some kind person be prepared to take a look and advise me further.

    Thank you in advance

    Les Hancock
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  2. minden1759

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    Do it.

  3. Tony56

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    Welcome, you have started your research the correct way by obtaining his records. You will find there is more than one 'kind person' here. so yes, post up his records and I am sure someone will be along. It would be best to create a new post under a forum applicable to the unit he was in with a heading of his name and service number. Photos are always good if you have any of the period. Once you have a timeline of his service look out for war diaries for the detail. Good luck.
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  4. bamboo43

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    Welcome aboard Les.
  5. CL1

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    Welcome to the forum
  6. dbf

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    Welcome to the forum

    For help with deciphering all the terminology in records, start a thread in this linked sub-forum:
    Service Records
    If you don't want to put your father's name in the title at least add name of his Regiment or Corps.

    Good luck with the research.
  7. Wobbler

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    Welcome Les.

    I have not long sent off for what I hope to be my Grandfather’s full service records, so I have yet to discover how much will be indecipherable to me!


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