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    Hello from Oklahoma. I would like to share a collection of photographs from the film of a veteran I believe was a member of the 12th Airforce, 321st Bombardment Group in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations during WWII.

    I found the film in a most unusual way. I am a professional photographer and I have a passion for all things having to do with the art form. One day, back in 2003, during a lunch break from the photo lab where I worked, I went into a small antique store to have a look around. I made a habit of visiting this particular store many times in the past. They knew me well and I often talked to the lady who ran the place at length about the kinds of items I would buy. This way she could keep an eye out and call if anything showed up. I procured several antique cameras this way.

    Today I was just bored and browsing when I ran across a plastic bag in a box full items. I looked in the bag and saw it contained old Kodak film cans. I knew from looking at them they were from the early 40’s. I picked one out and opened it up. It was empty. I collected old film cans so I asked the lady what she wanted for the whole sack. I bought them for five dollars and went back to work.

    When I got home later I took the bag of film cans to my darkroom and placed them in a box under a table. As it happens in life sometimes my life took a turn that took me away from my interest in photography for awhile.

    Since I was moving into a small apartment, I dismantled my darkroom and sold off most of the equipment but saved my collection of cameras and those film cans. I placed them in boxes and put them in storage with the rest of my belongings I couldn’t fit into my new place.

    I did not see those cans again until 2009 when I removed my things from storage. I was going through each box deciding what could be tossed and what I wanted to keep. When I ran across the bag of cans I opened one of them up just as I had back when I first bought them. I had assumed then they were all empty. Imagine my surprise when the one I had just opened contained film! Thank God it had been processed or I would have ruined it. I took the film out gently and held it up to the light and was shocked to see the nose of a B-25 bomber! There was shot after shot of WWII photos on the roll. Mostly bombers but some of things I couldn’t make out. I wanted to open the rest then and there but restrained myself because I didn’t want to ruin any of it.

    I took those cans to work with me and opened each one in the darkroom. All were developed film of images of WWII! I asked of film scanning department to scan one of the rolls. It contained images of bombers and cities in destruction. Unfortunately they damaged the roll because it was brittle. I cut the remaining film into sections and put them into protective sleeves. I put the sleeves in a hardback notebook. I took the film home and put it in with the rest of my film negatives. I didn’t see the film again un til after I retired in 2010. I scanned all the film and put it on a drive while trying to decide what I should do with it.

    Six more years went by before I figured it out. I decided to research the images and see if I could figure out what I was seeing and maybe who shot it. In the process I decided to write a book and share these images with the world. It's been 4 years and I have pulled the book and decided to post photos where knowledgable people might like to see them. There are many so I will post as I have time.

    I hope you enjoy them and maybe someone out there knows who shot these images. I am pretty sure he has passed away but in my research I have found lots of people have a love for these planes and our soldiers.

    Most of the planes in this book are from the 12th Air Force, 57th Bombardment Wing (M) 321st Bombardment Group.

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    Hello and welcome

    are you aware of our sister site WWII Forums which has more of an American flavour of WW2
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    No I was not. Is that a more appropriate place for these?
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    not at all Shawn please post here I was just pointing out that we had a sister site which you would also find interesting plus more of an American interest.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Thanks for sharing those photos.
    If you need help IDing planes & locations maybe best to start a new thread in The War In The Air section of the forum with a thread title that will attract the attention of those that can help.
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