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  1. Brennivs

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    Hi my name is Tony I am the son of a WW2 veteran who is still with us and my mother worked in munitions factory but sadly not with us. I joined for myself and dad whose memory is not as good as it was, so was hopeing to find info on his regiment Reconnaissance corp, but he cannot remember his unit number, which would be a start as I have some photos which I will post as it may help others. Looking forward to replys.
    Regards Tony
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  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi Tony - welcome

    From your post what it seems you need to do fairly quickly is to apply for his service records, or rather get him to apply for his records as that is free and you should receive full records - the forms can be found on this link and are only available from the MOD - Get a copy of military service records

    These will be the starting point for your quest and your fathers memories hopefully


    Send it to the address on the form, along with any supporting documents. There’s no fee.
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  3. 51highland

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    Welcome and enjoy.!!!
  4. Tony56

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    Follow Tricky's advice, fill in the form with the fullest information you can and make sure that he/you ask for full service details and, if he wants them medical records. When applying for another persons records you do not need any military information so I can't see why that should be a problem if asking for your own. Whilst there is very little information on WW2 individual records in the public domain there are some, if you are in a position to post his full name and whatever information you may have, then people around here will be glad to have a look. It is perhaps unlikely but you never know, don't let that stop you getting his records. Do you happen to know what regiment? Good luck.
  5. Owen

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    Welcome to the forum .
    Post some pics & we'll look for clues.
    Pass on my regards to you Father , not many WW2 veterans left now.
  6. bamboo43

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    Welcome aboard Tony.
  7. Brennivs

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    First of all thank you TD for that link that is what I have been after I have tried to see any info with various sites name, service no ect to no help. Tony56 thank you but his Reg No is the main problem, he cannot remember his unit No. He may have landed at Salerno? as he can remmember the D Day doggers song , Monty Cassino, Rome, was also at Mussolini place of hanging then finished at Treste before being transfered to the 17/21 Lancers
    I know of all the unit No that were in Italy but which one. Other than that as ever, he has some storys to tell which he has only talked about in the last 10 years or so. I must admit I am very proud of my Dad and Mother for what they did during the War and my need to no there story to pass on as with so many others. Thanks once again to all, I will put what I have up to share
    Regards Tony
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    Welcome Tony
  9. Brennivs

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    Thank you Dave55 just one question how do you log off site, just cannot seem to see it
    Regards Tony
  10. Owen

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    Tap on tab (if on phone) with your user name. Log out at bottom.
    See screenshot.

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    Cheers for that Owen :cheers:
    Regards Tony :D
  12. CL1

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    welcome to the forum
  13. Wobbler

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    Welcome Tony.

    My late grandad was a D-Day Dodger too, just now waiting for his service records which should turn up soon, I hope.

    My other grandad, like your mum, worked in munitions, at the Woolwich Arsenal (he was deaf so could not serve in the Forces).

    Like you, I am very, very proud of them.

    All the best in your research, you are certainly in the right place for advice and help.
  14. Brennivs

    Brennivs Member

    Thanks CL1 and Wobbler, my mother worked in coventry far away from South Shields, worryingly my mother was a bit hand fisted with things in life, it was only a few years before she passed away I found out she worked there, it crept in the conversation about how she put the fuses in bombs. I nearly dropped, frighteningly thinking what she was trusted with :reallymad: gulp cheers once again.
    Regards Tony:D
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  15. Wobbler

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    That tickled me, Tony, thanks for a good laugh.

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