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    My name is Mark. I’m trying to find out more information about my father’s last flight.

    He was Flt.Lt.J.W.Blennerhassett (42044), who flew Beaufighters in 248 Squadron, RAF Coastal Command.

    On January 22nd 1942 he took off from RAF Bircham Newton on a reconnaissance flight over the North Sea and did not return. His Irish family spent the rest of the War hoping that, in the fog of war, he was being held unnotified in a PoW camp.

    His Observer (PO C.J.C.Walker 115920), reported as killed the same day, is buried in Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery.

    Were they shot down? Where did they crash? How could one find out?


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    Hello and welcome. Hope we can help (in fact I know we can). ;)
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    Please find attached panel 65 from Runnymede Memorial


    42044, 248 Sqdn., Royal Air Force
    who died age 23
    on 22 January 1942
    Son of Joseph and Sarah Blennerhassett; husband of Margaret Blennerhassett, of Hastings, Sussex.
    Remembered with honour

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    No.248 Sqn
    Beaufighter Ic
    WR-G (G for George)

    F/L J W Blennerhassett, 42044, +
    P/O C J C Walker, 115920, +

    Op: Recce, Took off RAF Bircham Newton, 12:15 hrs

    Shot down by light flak from a Hafenschutzboot off IJmuiden at about 15:30 hrs on a shipping recce off Texel. P/O Walker is buried in Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Noord-Holland, Holland, while F/L Blennerhassett is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

    He had survived a previous Cat E crash:
    252 Sqn
    Blenheim I

    Training, RAF Chivenor

    F/O J W Blennerhassett, 42044, Safe

    Undershot during a night landing and hit a fence at 20:55 hrs.

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    A popular surname for RAF Officers

    Giles Noble Blennerhassett MC, F/O April 1918, Died 8th July 1932
    Richard Markby Blennerhassett, 37786, Acting P/O 4th May 1936, P/O, 9th March 1937, F/O 9th Dec 1938.

    If you want some more on them I can look up postings etc.

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    CJC Walker's headstone from Amsterdam (New Eastern) Cemetery

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    Welcome to the forum Mark. I see that you are already having your questions answered - enjoy!


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    Thank you to all who have replied so far. The results are truly amazing. Within an hour and a half I have received a picture of my father's memorial entry at Runnymede, the details I sought about his crash and a picture of his Observer's headstone. I had been told that this website was good. It isn't: it's bloody marvellous!
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    Welcome to the forum Sogger. I have pictures of Runnymede though not of the panel your father is listed on. Please let me know if you would like copies though you will probably find there are some on here.
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    Welcome to the forum sogger, I told you this was an amazing place, and I have been proved correct, the wealth of knowledge on this forum is amazing, enjoy
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    Hi Sogger, welcome to the forum and good luck with finding out more info about your Dad.
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    I have just found these postings and am interested to learn about F/L Blennerhassett but perhaps it's not too late to add a little more about P/O Walker. His full name was Campbell James Cansdale Walker, born in Chester in 1918, son of Campbell Gregory and Dorothy (née Cansdale) and he was educated at the King's School, Chester. He was promoted from Sergeant to P/O (emergency) on 5 Dec 1941 and posted to 248 squadron. As part of a project to research the lives of those named on the war memorials in our local church I have spoken to a member of the family who lived next door to the Walkers and he has been able to provide a photo.

    Both his father and sister were accomplished artists and it is said that the Duchess of Westminster was one of his father's sitters.


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    Mark,if your mother was Milly who went back to Elgin after your father's death,please get in touch---I have a couple of photos of you as a baby
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    Mark last visited this Forum/website in 2013. Hopefully he is following this thread but it might be an idea to send him a message aka 'Conversation' as that should go to his (hopefully still current) email address. Sorry to butt into this thread but thought you should be aware.
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    as it happens i have sent a message for you

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    Many thanks Clive-as you can probably guess,I'm not very computer savvy--I've come to it much too late
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