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    Hello everyone, I have found you whilst researching about my Grandad F. "Jonny" Best. 44Bat 101 AA/AT RA
    Serv No 1532653, Captured St Valery, 12th June 1940, ended up in Stalag XXA & B. This forum is amazing thank you very much indeed Lest We Forget!
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    Welcome aboard. You will find there are many threads on the history of St Valery in 1940. Your grandad's service number does not appear elsewhere.
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    Thank you for the welcome, and the message with great advice for researching, I have to say that this has now become more than a little hobby, it has become very infectious to try and find out as much info as I can so that my family will have everything about Gunner/Driver Best I can find.
    Because I believe it important to see & smell the places, I am also doing a bit of a "pilgrimage", to see where he was and the 2 Marches he endured. Heading to the Stalag XXA memorial on the 8th May 23, having completed the 1st half of the march to captivity, beginningat St Valery a couple of years ago.

    I forgot to add his POW number in my first post Which is 14555. Thanks again for this Forum, it is invaluable!

    pow no.JPG
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    It would be best to create a new thread in this area: Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy where your research can be shown and help given.

    101 Regiment appears very briefly in Post 5: Private Diary: May 1940, 51st Highland Division, Lt-Col. H.R. SWINBURN

    Again one mention Post 4684 of a death: Royal Artillery/Royal Horse Artillery - Roll of Honour, 1939-47

    Their conversion is in Post 2 from infantry to artillery: Converted units: WW2

    More on the end: 239 Bty., 101 Lt. A.A./Anti-Tank Regt. Royal Artillery
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    Hello and Welcome.
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