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    I was looking at some of the recent youtube content on Hearts of Iron IV...

    Hearts of Iron IV - Wikipedia

    Including this one - where a lot of the comments are about the main commentator sounding "just like Tom Hanks" :


    Surely not! Though it is pretty close.

    Also watching this one...

    Hearts of Iron IV Great Britain 1:

    Was a bit surprised by the comments in the first 5 mins or so :D - especially re. the extent of the British Empire ("kind-of annoying having land everywhere" :smug: ) - and the initial game-play strategy etc. re. the RAF and combining the fleet....

    Are there many players of Hearts of Iron IV (yet) on here?

    Rm. :salut:
  2. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    The next bit...
    Latest News - For King and Country, Paradox announces Together for Victory - Paradox Interactive

    "When the fires of war erupt and your nation is under siege from the greatest war machine the world has ever seen, it is good to know that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters around the world.Together for Victory, the first expansion for Paradox Development Studio’s World War II game Hearts of Iron IV, shines a bright light on the British dominions and colonies that rallied around the flag in England’s darkest hour.

    The centerpiece of Together for Victory is a set of new National Focus trees for five subjects of the British crown: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the British Raj in India. Make history with appropriate technology or alternate history paths, as well as new portraits, new leaders and new companies for the Dominions. Together for Victory is the first step in a process that Paradox hopes will tell the story of every nation in the great conflict

    Seems to be focusing more on the Commonwealth etc.

    What's this "England’s darkest hour" about though? Still I suppose there are a few who still use Holland(er) for the Netherlands / Dutch.

    Also I see from this...

    Darkest Hour (2017) - IMDb




    Winston Churchill leads a charge against Adolf Hitler's army in the early days of World War II.

    Darkest Hour (film) - Wikipedia

    In which bit of WW2 did Churchill lead a charge against Adolf Hitler's army? ;) (I'm sure he wanted to though!) :rolleyes:


    The last major cavalry charge in British history – Churchill was there

    "The last major cavalry charge in British history – Churchill was there
    Here Churchill found himself taking part in a momentous moment in military history. On 2 September 1898 at the Battle of Omdurman, the British routed the Mahdist army. The twenty-three year old Churchill rode in the last major (although not the last) cavalry action in the history of the British army. He was lucky to survive the ill-judged charge which saw some of the heaviest British casualties of the five hour battle, and had to shoot his way out of an ambush by Dervish spearmen.

    As always, Churchill was keen to gain wider recognition and, with his talent for writing, he realized he could influence people while also earning some money. He reported on the Sudan campaign for the Morning Post, a London newspaper, and later wrote a surprisingly sympathetic two-volume account of it, in The River War (1899).

    He was often critical of higher military and political establishment figures and, while this certainly unsettled and aggravated some, it also ensured he got himself noticed. Kitchener, in particular, was roundly criticized in The River War – for desecrating the grave of the Mahdi – but Kitchener didn’t think much of Churchill either, thinking him brash and pushy

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