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    Kenneth James Drysdale who died at Auchnacary is buried in Wigtown High Cemetry july 1944 .

    How do I get his headstone repaired ?

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    Service Number: 3191996
    Regiment & Unit: King's Own Scottish Borderers
    Date of Death: 04 July 1944
    Age 27 years old
    Buried or commemorated at WIGTOWN CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: Grave 203.
    Location: United Kingdom
    Additional Info: Son of Andrew Sproat Drysdale and Maggie Drysdale, of Wigtown; husband of Eileen Doris Drysdale, of Wigtown.

    Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 13.55.42.png
    Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 13.55.50.png
    Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 13.57.54.png

    From the above link, it appears that this is a private grave for which the family took responsibility. Perhaps a matter then of trying to trace relatives and/or authority in charge of cemetery, Others on the forum have had experience when reporting similar to CWGC. Clive certainly posted on a thread somewhere.
    Edit link - CWGC Headstone/Memorial Error Reports and results.
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    Yes drop them a line
    enquiriesATcwgc.org. AT = @

    add in the photos stating it is a private headstone they will then advise their next steps if all goes ok they might put a stone pedestal marker with the casualties details at the foot of the original private headstone.

    They normally say although private headstones are not their responsibility they have to make sure the name is legible
    Or give them a call
    01628 507200
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    I have contacted the CWGC and now will wait to see what they say
    Thanks for your help
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    When I researched the Birmingham City Police RoH in Lloyd House, Birmingham, I visited all the local graves. Some were in disrepair and some non-existent. The West Midlands Police Federation donated 9K to repair or place several graves.

    The graves were in the Birmingham area and it took me well over a year to obtain permission from the powers that be as none of the graves were CWGC but private. I had to check with Police pensions that there were no known relatives, place adverts and articles in local newspapers etc asking for relatives to come forward, check and try and trace the owners of the graves etc etc etc.

    Eventually when all lines of enquiry were exhausted and no relatives could be traced was I allowed to undertake the work by the Bereavement Services, Birmingham City Council.

    Examples below,


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    For future ref

    Civilian casualties are Remembered on the CWGC data base/St Pauls and civilian graves are not maintained by CWGC plus they do not show grave location only the reporting authority at death (there are a few which belong to AFS etc which are dotted around the country)
    This thread here shows a number of civilian headstones I have found on my travels in the UK many will as the years move on will sadly degrade and disappear.
    Civilian Casualty Headstones :World War 2

    A registered CWGC casualties (that meets the criteria to be Remembered on a headstone)name must be legible on the headstone either CWGC supplied or Private. If it is not CWGC will fix the issue(CWGC or Private)although it can take a long while but as long as they have the issue logged they will fix it. CWGC visit the cemeteries/churchyards on a cyclic basis (it can be a few years between visits due to shear volume of locations) and inbetween visits by the public who have an interest in casualties CWGC get condition updates/concerns about the headstones. I have done a few myself on remote churchyards whilst on the phone to CWGC.

    Example replies I have received from CWGC below the first one relates to a Private headstone of a CWGC registered casualty.

    As we do not own these memorials, we do not have the authority to remove them and erect a war-pattern headstone without the permission of the owner of the grave. As long as the name of the war casualty is legible on the private memorial then, for our purposes, the war casualty is adequately commemorated. Parts of the stone or kerbs on the grave may be damaged but it is not our responsibility to repair them. Private memorials are inspected when our staff visit the Cemetery and when, in the opinion of our Inspector, the war casualty is no longer adequately commemorated, steps will be taken to remedy the situation.

    We are very grateful to you for pointing this mistake out to us and arrangements will shortly be put in hand to rectify the error, either by re-engraving the headstone in situe, or, if this is not possible, by manufacturing a new one.

    I trust this is satisfactory and thank you once. again for contacting us in this matter.

    Copies have been sent to the Regional Supervisor who will investigate these matters further and arrange for any necessary remedial action.

    Thank you for bringing these to our attention.

    The main thing is to report the issue and CWGC will look into it.
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    Thanks for that , its encouraging that something will be done. Its been reported so just have to wait and see.
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