Hauptsturmführer Erich Priebke

Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by SPERO56, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Thanks for that Ron, interesting that there is such a discussion over ... an obituary.

    I wonder if this is yet another case of someone taking offence on behalf of others? If so, how many such types would have written in to any newspaper before the announcement of his death, about Priebke, his deeds and subsequent dealings with the justice system.

    I couldn't agree more. Otherwise their infamous existence and their crimes will progressively be airbrushed out of history, and the next generations will hear of nothing apart from the superficial.
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    Whilest I would agree with most of the comments about this man being responsible for the 358 deaths at the Ardentine caves - he was under orders from BOTH Hitler and Kesslering who was the

    head man in Italy all during that campaign...and while it appears that he was unrepentant- this cannot be so as in some reports he attended church daily and obviously was given the sacraments

    of that church ....and in order to do so he MUST have been repentant to the priest who is always a representative of Christ (in alter christus)...therefore as Christians (sic) ..as least that is my

    assumption - the man is dead and has been judged by a higher power than we forum members.....and contrary to the weird thinking of Teilhard de Chardin - NOT all of us will go to Heaven- and there

    is a Hell which must be getting pretty full by now ...but I am sure that there will be room for this chap....AND we are talking Eternity here folks..so watch your mouths ....

  3. Za Rodinu

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    When did "just following orders" cease to be a justification for war crimes?

    But then we don't know what sins he confessed and what sins he ommitted from confession as from his attitude he probably did not regard them as such. Also countless are the numbers of egregious sinners who kept assiduous Church presence. Anyway, if he did a full and sincere confession all's well and good in the eyes of the Lord, but in what concerns this World appearances suggest otherwise.

    In any case, he has been present to the Ultimate Justice now, and God have mercy on his soul, even if he did not show such mercy to others pursuant to orders given to him.
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    What Za said.

    All the best

  5. Tom Canning

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    While we shall never know to what he confessed - and we are aware that ALL churches are filled with sinners etc ... the justification is that he did NOT originate the orders - and as a Christian

    you are right in hoping that he received mercy from Christ - but we can be assured that his punishment will be for eternity.....in the same way as those non thinking people who have rejected Christ

    for the past 50 years especially... who have fallen for the Atheists mantra of there is NO God - so live it up - they are reading - or writing the wrong books....the book they should be reading is the one

    written 350 years ago which foretold all this present day's troubles...but I daren't mention it as I shall be banned...

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    This is now being discussed on Sunday Morning Live on BBC1.

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    The problem with allowing God to deliver justice for worldly crimes is that atheists get a bad deal. I just hope that those terrible crimes are never forgotten as that would be a dangerous state to be in. Lest we forget.
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    i didn't know that we had a say in whether God dispensed justice for worldly crimes..I always thought that HE laid down the Law..or has that changed recently ...?...wasn't mentioned on TV

    something about " vengeance is mine " etc ...

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    good day peter clare very senior member 11 oct 2013 02:32pm re:hauptsturmfuhrer erich priebke nazy war criminal dies at one hundred,they must have given him the best attention medically.money .accomadation.and plenty of support for his crimes.there are still plenty of those bastards around.but there are also dangerous do gooders defendind them.thank you for posting.he should be burning in hell by now(I hope)have a good day.regards bernard85
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    Cell phones only became commercially available in 1983, and phone-to-phone SMS messaging in 1993, so religious texts before this date were not possible.
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    Come now - you are just trying to confuse me - which is easily done these days...many books of Fiction - Reference - Historical - Religious - Craft - etc were written LONG before the Cell

    phones were even thought about and some of us called them texts..but I made reference to a BOOK written 350 years ago..the text or subject ( unnamed ) being Religious...


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