Has anyone heard of A22 Mark IV Churchill with 75mm gun

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    My father was in 153 Rgt RAC then 147 and 107. He said his tank was called Bethume.
    I have seen that the tank Bethume was a A22 Mark IV, but my father said his tank had a 75mm gun.
    Were 75mm guns ever fixed to Mark IVs or if a tank was knocked out could that name have been used on a different tank?
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    Yes there was a Mk. IV Churchill A22 mounted with a 7.5cm Cannon in the turret. A successor to the Matilda it was built by Vauxhall from mid 1940. Powered by two linked side-mounted Bedford truck engines (which gave continual trouble).The prototype was rolled out in July 1941 and Large scale production began shortly after.

  3. Owen

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    some Mark IVs had 75mm guns.

    Churchill Mk IV (1,622 produced)

    The IV was the most numerous Churchill produced, and was virtually identical to the III, the largest change being a return to the less costly cast turret; however, the turret's "clean" squarish shape remained. In earlier models, turrets using the 6 pounder Mark V were fitted with a counterweight. Some were refitted with American 75mm guns from Sherman tanks while others were up-gunned withBritish 75mm guns, creating the Mark IV (75). The QF 75mm and the 6 pounder can be differentiated by the presence of a muzzle brake - the 6 pounder did not use a muzzle brake, while the QF 75mm did.
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    Simple answer yes, there were upgunned Mk IV (along with MkVI) in 153 RAC. However the initial MkIV was only armed with 6 Pdr with it taking until 1943 for upgunning to 75mm to start after operational experience in North Africa/Italy.

    Each Troop consisted of two 75mm and one 6 Pounder, former for HE and smoke and the latter for engaging enemy armour.
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    Thank you all for clearing this up for me.
    Just one other thing. My father wrote that he had been knocked out twice and his operator had been killed. Would the operator have been the driver?
  6. Owen

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    from google results

    loader/radio operato

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    Radio op is in turret, Driver drives, Co-Driver fires hull MG MG. Commander commands, Gunner fires main armament/co-ax, and Wireless Operator uses radio (well keeps on net) whilst loading the main 75mm.
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    Well, that's sorted that out!
    Many thanks everyone
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    That's Churchill NA 75 as used in Italy.
    Peter's father served in units that were in NW Europe.
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    I already have contact with one or two fellows whose relatives were in 153 Regiment 34th Tank Brigade As was my father & his brother.
    I have attached the only photos I have.
    My father drove a Churchill A22 MK1V with the modified armament ie 75 Pdr. the tank's name was Billericay.
    If anyone else wishes to contact me please feel free to do so.

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