Harry Birrell: Films of Love and War

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by Richelieu, Mar 23, 2020.

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    This engaging documentary is built around a junior officer’s films (mostly colour) shot in India and Burma.

    It’s available on the iPlayer and online.
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    I have just watched it and was truly enthralled. A very poignant piece of film making that captures the spirit of a long passed era. It is probably the best documentary film of its kind that I have seen since Home from the Hill, Molly Dineen's film about Hiliary Hook.

    Having a passionate interest in the India-Burma campaign, this very moving film was a pleasure to watch and I will be watching it again and taking more notes.

    I thoroughly recommend that you find the time to watch this programme.

    Harry Birrell. Emergency Commission India Army. 2nd Lt. 17th August 1940.
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    Clicked on it yesterday, on a whim, found it fascinating.
    Loved how he supposedly justified using colour film to Army...did he really say that/did they really believe him? Who knows but nice little anecdote.

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