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    My father, Harry Barrett, served as a KOYLI in the early part of World War II, and I would like to find more information about his service. He was born on June 14, 1914, in Otley, Yorkshire, emigrated to the USA with our family in 1952, and died November 8, 1989, in York, Pennsylvania.
    He once told me that he was supposed to go to Narvik but caught pneumonia during training so didn't go. Here is a photo of the Queen Mother (Elizabeth) reviewing KOYLI veterans in Yorkshire (Strensall?) in about 1950. My dad is in the back row, second from left, in the gray overcoat.

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    Hi Frank

    Welcome - your best bet is to obtain his service records - they are ONLY available from the MOD and the forms you need are here - Request records of deceased service personnel

    You will also need a copy of his death certificate to clear data protection requirements

    His service records should hold all the info to answer your questions, what units he was with and when, hospitalisations, movements to other theatres of war wtc wtc , they are vital to track his movements

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