Happy St. Paddy's Day !

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Gerard, Mar 17, 2008.

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    I had my snowball stand out on the parade route today. Actually my spot is my regular spot for the season, this is our first season along the route. Had $500.00 in sales, which is not bad considering there was another snowball stand about 50 yards away down the street. The weather was great, in the low 80s (F) and no rain. I lease a spot in the parking lot of Duvic's Martini Bar, which is a good thing. After getting things up an running, I stepped over there for a breakfast Bloody Mary, followed by Guinness on tap. It was a good day.
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day[​IMG]

    and for balance, the old flag for Norn Iron

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    Noone bothering with it this year ?
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    Since I sold my snowball stand this past January, I rode on a float in the annual Baton Rouge's St. Patrick's Day parade this year. It was different from Mardi Gras parading, but tons of fun nevertheless. Plenty of green beer on tap as well. It was a good day. Never knew that there were so many "Irishers" in Baton Rouge.
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    Belated Happy Paddy Day - I was working so stayed clear of the Black stuff as far as drinking it goes. I did have to deal with a few that had though been on it though :lol:
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    As a publican in Dublin once said to me when l asked him if he was open.

    No, not for another hour but would you like a drink while your waiting - In an Irish accent, please.


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    69 years ago (actually on 29th March 1945), my father and his comrades from 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade had a quiet day contemplating the mysteries of a Romano, Scots, Welsh, Irishman....(photos attached show Irish Brigade Commander Pat Scott and LIR Commanding Officer Bala Bredin receiving their shamrock from the Corps Commander)...a number of these men, including my father, had travelled over the previous 28 months from Algiers to Forli and within the next month would water on the Po River, so you could perhaps forgive their non adherence to strict military discipline.

    My father recalled that day:

    "A limited supply of the shamrock had been sent from the London Irish Welfare Officer in London. To supplement it, fatigue parties were sent out the day before the parade to pick anything vaguely green. This was mixed with the shamrock distributed to the brigade by the officers. I received a mixture of weed and grass.

    That afternoon, the London Irish had an officers versus sergeants rugger match. The sergeants paraded in all sorts of weird gear. CQMS Roy Prudhoe wore a dispatch rider’s crash helmet. The sergeants produced two Panther tanks stolen from the park of captured German vehicles. The officers retaliated by having our Army Co-operation Squadron dive bomb the match with smoke bombs. By this time, most clothes had been torn off and Prudhoe was left only with his boots and crash helmet. The Italian ladies watching seemed to be appreciative.

    We then had a sergeants’ mess party in the evening

    The RSM asked me to provide two reliable mess waiters to serve drinks. I told them to look after the E Company sergeants. They delivered locally-produced gin and lime. The lime was thick and the gin strong. Soon people were passing out and I was one of them. I left the hall to go to the toilet. What happened after I do not know: perhaps I fell down the stone staircase. Anyway, I crawled into the party and, allegedly, my drunken companions playfully rubbed their boots on my face. I was taken home and put to bed by two officers. My face the next morning was a mass of open sores. One sergeant had walked through a plate glass window and was hospitalised. We later found out that much of the drink sold in Italy was made in a laboratory. We were lucky we were not poisoned.

    Two days later, an officer asked what I had done to my face. ‘Fell off a tank in the exercises, Sir.’ I replied.

    ‘Bloody liar. I put you to bed!’ he said.

    Faugh a Ballagh,
    Quis Separabit
    Nec Aspera Terrent

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