Happy Canada Day!

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Owen, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. gpo son

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    Thanks Tom just got finished watching Storming Juno. Was going to post earlier but didnt get it done.
    Now I will have to find something typically Canadain to do like find a cottage and some cold beverages as they are now known, with family and friends.
    happy Canada Day all.
  2. canuck

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    Thanks to all

    Fireworks are just getting underway and we've had a glorious day in the great white north.

  3. TTH

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  4. canuck

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  5. Rotherfield

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    I cannot say that I have seen a post today regarding Canada day and so wish all our Canadian Brothers and Sisters a great Day.

    :poppy: Especially remembering their sacrifice during the 1914-18 and 1939-45 wars. :poppy:

    Hi Smudger
    Just for info I attended a small rememberence service with other members of the British Legion Crowborough Branch and Rotherfield Branch (East Sussex) to remember the Nine Linclon and Welland Regiment of Ontario who lost their lives when a stray V1 flying bomb landed on their camp on Crowborough Common 5th July 1944. Major Rob Hardwick of the Canadian High Commission read the service of remembrance.
    We Will Remember Them
  6. Joe Brown

    Joe Brown WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran


    Greetings from a Royal Scot to The Regiment's affiliated Canadian Scottish, who are celebrating their Centenary this year in Victoria BC during October.

    Proudly remember serving under the command of the Canadian Army in the Liberation of the Scheldt Estuary and the friends we made.

    An even more enjoyable memory is of the time when as adjutant went with my Battalion Commander to recce the site we were to take over in Oldenburgh in 1946. It was the location of the GHQ of the Canadian Army being vacated as it withdrew back to Canada. Along with the CO we were feted in the Macnaughton Club and enjoyed the very warm hospitality of the last of the GHQ Staff, enthusiastically helping them drink up their vast stock of champagne.

    The next morning I had a head that was ready to split wide open and about to go on our recce I was anxiously searching for my glengarry in the back of the staff car. Meanwhile my CO arrived, watched me for a few minutes, edged me out of the way, and as he started to search turned to me with a wry smile and said in the Regular Army it is the adjutant who searches for the Colonel's hat!

    He was a very able professional soldier who was Second-in-Command of one of the Black Watch battalions captured in the rearguard action at St Valery. He if had not been a P.o.W. he would surely have been Divisional Commander, as was many of his peers. It was a privilege to have been his adjutant.

    Joe Brown
  7. jacksun

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    Cheers to one and all!

  8. MLW

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    Brilliant video! Thanks for posting.
  9. Owen

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    Happy Canada Day eh?

    :canflag[1]: :canflag[1]: :canflag[1]: :canflag[1]: :canflag[1]: :canflag[1]: :canflag[1]: :canflag[1]:
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  10. Tom Canning

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    148th birthday for Canada - BIG holiday with hundreds of forest fires burning and exceptional heat all over the country - but my air conditioning is well set at 75

    deg - so I shall stay home...

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  11. Lotus7

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    Happy Canada Day, especially to all my Canadian cousins


  12. gpo son

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    Hey Tom
    heard it was very dry out your way, here Eastern/central Canada its 5 days in a row with rain, more today. but we will celebrate with the very American tradition of BBQ ribs and local favorite Cracked Canoe .
    Best to All
  13. canuck

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  14. gpo son

    gpo son Senior Member

    Canuck they will all think its an Elk Eh!!
  15. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    I used to think they were same species , Moose in North America is what is called Elk in Europe but they are in fact seperate species.
  16. CL1

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    all look the same in a bun
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  17. Warlord

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    Hail, Canucks!! :canflag[1]:
  18. gpo son

    gpo son Senior Member

    indeed Owen, the Moose like Canada is much bigger... lol
  19. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    and best wishes from the Great White North, on our 149th birthday.

  20. TTH

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    Good deal, eh? Crack some Molies!

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